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The Wild Heart Series 

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Find Your Voice

Speak Your Truth

Reclaim your Life!

 Date: TBA


...This Workshop is for you if

The current state of affairs is causing you 

stress and anxiety.

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Are You Feeling Ready To…

  • Release stress and anxiety and come back to safety with yourself.
  • Show up and love yourself, just as you are!
  • To have more trust and understanding of the process of transformation.
  • Have more freedom and joy in your life? 
  • Are you ready to invite in support? 


Join the Free Workshop so you can:


  • Liberate yourself from limitations and stories of your mind. 
  • Tap into the wisdom and intuition in your body.   
  • Let go of the things that do not help you live your best life. 
  • Learn to use your breath to change your state of being.
  • Access (or begin to access) safety within your own body. 



What you get in this workshop:



  • You get access to the live class where you’ll be invited into accessing deep within so you can stop emotional bypassing, self-sabotage, negative self-talk and so much more. 
  • Live Q & A at the end where Vera will answer your questions.
  • A Clarity 1-on-1 follow-up call, to further clarify and create your vision for the next 7 months.  
  • A growing community of women living their most happy, healthy, and authentic life. 

“Slow down long enough so you can feel the river.

The one beneath the ground the one under your skin”


Clients Experience

Vera is an incredible teacher and guide. I am so grateful to her for introducing me breathwork, and these priceless tools to process emotions and trauma. I love Vera’s energetic yet calm aura when she is leading the sessions. I also appreciate her taking the time to explain the many benefits of the work. Vera is a gift to the world in general and with the addition of breath work, she is her truest self yet!


Melissa G

This workshop was amazing from start to finish. The conversation, the breathwork experience, the follow up. I loved it all and I love Vera.

Gayle P.

I worked with Vera for years. I could feel she was in a new place with work. I am thrilled to see where this takes me!

Teri C.

Before working with Vera I was stressed out all the time. My clothes didn't fit, and I was sick of living life through positive memes. Vera's honest and relatable experience and work in this area gave me hope that I could change that. She showed me I can reduce stress in 90 seconds or less using my breath. I'll be dammed, it works!

Amanda R.

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