The most powerful thing you can to successfully make lasting changes is to look at your environments first. Changing your physical environments is the number one key to success. Now don’t panic, I don’t mean you have to move, but you do have to take a good look around your personal spaces.

Have you ever been told to hide the cookies, chips, chocolate, etc….. in the back of the cupboard? Despite that well meaning advise coming from some diet expert, that strategy is doomed to fail.  I coach around the importance of setting your spaces up so that they support the journey you are on.

There is nothing more frustrating than being tripped up in the very places you should feel most confident, comfortable and free in.

Heres the thing, you can dig your heel in and try to muster up will power, and that will work for a while. I mean everyone of us has some will power. Some have more than others. But the bottom line is, eventually that will power fades and you give in to what ever is in your environments. The energy of the cookies is strong, and if you are tired, frustrated, sad, or celebrating the energy of the cookies will find it’s way out and take over.

Im saying that setting up your spaces and places for your success will go a lot further in helping you achieve your goals than will power ever will.

In my own 20+ years experience, the MOST dramatic and SUSTAINABLE difference ALWAYS comes when my environments are involved in the process.

My Top 5 Tips To Design Your Environments

1. Take a honest look around.

What is in your space that can become a problem, temptation, or comfort.  For example, are the cleverly hidden cookies in the back of the closet necessary?

How often do you yourself reaching for them? And what happens once you do? Do you really feel better? What happens to the bag after it comes out of hiding?   

I used to do that with Thin Mints. In support of the girl scouts I would by them and put then in my freezer for a treat every now and again. Until I realized that I treated myself daily.

2. Take that look around, one step further.

Pretend you woke up one morning and didn’t know who your are or where you are. You walk out into the kitchen… Describe the person who lives there based on what you see. Look in the fridge, the cupboards, the pantry…..

Pretty revealing, right?

3. Throw it out!

Its hard for us to waste food… We’ve been taught that there are starving children in the world, how dare we waste. But heres the truth. Holding on to that food, or worse eating it is not going to help not even one child. Donate it to the food food bank is a good option. Keeping it in your environment tells a lot about how serious you are in making lasting changes.

4. Expand your awareness to other places.

While I  talk about our own kitchens as our main environment that needs a upgrade. Look to at your car, your office, your coworkers, friends, networking events, all those places are your environments. Some are easier to design than others, but you can learn to play in all those places successfully.

5. Look for patterns.

Meaning do you repeat the same patterns of trying to use will power, and then cave….. over and over and over again. Don’t ignore the power of patterns in your life. Step one is to acknowledge your current patterns. Step 2 is to create powerful and positive power patterns to replace the old one with.

Stop trying to find your will power. Will power is not enough……  focus on environmental design to create your sustainable success in all areas of life including relationships, weight,  Live Fit, Spread Joy!



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