Do you want to try intermittent fasting but you aren’t sure if its a good fit for you?

After all you’ve been told your whole life that the best way to lose weight is to eat breakfast. That it is the most important meal of the day. But I bet there have been times in your life when you skipped it in an effort to save some calories. I know I did that many times. By the time dinner came around I would be so hungry I could eat 700 crap calories while making dinner. That is NOT intermittent fasting. It never worked well for me, and it probably back fired on you too.  So now when you hear me talk about intermittent fasting  your confused about what it is and you question how it can be true.

Society is no help. They are telling you that you need to exercise more, eat more often (as in mini meals) and add more low-fat products to your diet.  If that worked I would be rich by now!! That advice doesn’t work, and it never worked… not for any sustainable amount of time anyway… and of course you are aware of the obesity epidemic we are battling right now?

Intermittent fasting is about meal timing which allows the many hormones you have in your body to work simultaneously to help you feel in control and also burn the excess fat resting in your body just waiting to be used for fuel.

I have been practicing intermittent fasting for 18 months now and all I essentially do is eat my first meal about noon, and my last at 6 or 7.

Alongside that, I have also lowered my carbohydrate intake a couple of days a week. and on the other days my carbs come from fresh vegetables. I consume all of my calories, all 1600 in three meals a day between those hours and I balance carbs, protein, and fats.

It sounds unconventional in today’s standards of dieting but it actually is based on science, and follows the pattern of our ancestors who never had a problem with excess weight.

Let me give you an example of what my day looks like:

I wake up around 6 AM and have coffee with 1 tbls 1/2&1/2 and 1 tsp honey. I get in 20 minutes of exercise, most days at 7 am.  My first meal is around noon. It’s usually my biggest meal of the day. 3 whole eggs, 2 slices of thick turkey bacon, 1 piece of Ezekiel toast, 1 pat of real butter, 2 cusps steamed then sauteed broccoli in 1 tsp evoo, 2 tbls grated cheese. 1 square extra dark chocolate. My second meal is around  3 PM and it’s most likely a Strawberry Shakeology with a scoop of orange protein powder, 1/2 an avocado. My last meal is protein, a piece of chicken or fish with a salad, tomato or some other vegetable. I switch things up and don’t shy away from a big fat burger and a glass (or two) of beer on occasion. Yum!

Intermittent fasting may sound scary. We are pretty brain washed with diet rules to follow. And we fear we will be hungry if we wait so long to eat. But with this pattern of eating, in a 8 hour window of time, you always feel satisfied and food just isn’t constantly on your mind anymore like it is when you eat carbs all day long.

I used to think I was living a lifestyle, but I was really living a diet. Food Freedom and intermittent fasting have completely changed my life, and the lives of the women I am privileged to coach.

You’ve got to give it a try, it’s literally freed me to live my life!

Coach Vera  

Food Freedom the Game

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