What is Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent Fasting (IF) is not a diet, it’s an eating schedule. IF simply means you eat all of your macros, for the day, in shortened feeding window. For example, you have been eating mini meals on a schedule every 3 hours or so. Eating that way, your body always has a readily available source of fuel in the form of glycogen. It never actually gets into a fasted state and is always spiking insulin, making it hard to lose weight. IF gives your body an opportunity to reach a true fasted state.

What’s the deal with insulin?

The body produces insulin after you eat carbs. Most carbs turn to sugar in the body. Insulin is necessary to remove sugar from the blood. The problem is that insulin is also known as a storage hormone. Once it gets hold of that sugar and stores it, the body doesn’t like to let it go. After years of overeating carbs and processed foods, many people become insulin sensitive. Meaning that the body will overproduce insulin even if only a few carbs are eaten. The good news is the body usually responds very will to IF, this sensitivity, and even type 2 diabetes can be reversed.

What happens in a fasted state?

In a fasted state your body is not producing insulin, making it easy to burn fat as energy. Eating several small meals a day, calorie restriction, hours of cardio may work for a while. However, it also causes you to sacrifice calorie-burning muscle, causing a lower metabolism, and a need for fewer calories to even just maintain. In fact, because you need energy, the body will be forced to use precious muscle, making it even harder. And you just don’t look as good with less muscle, regardless of how much weight you lose. Not only that, the mini meal strategy causes belly fat to increase, and IF helps to reduce belly fat.

So when do I eat?

The strategy of If is used in my Food Freedom program on a flexible basis. If you wake up one morning and decide, I just want to eat breakfast today, then you go for it and eat breakfast. I help you understand how to find what window of time will fit your life best. Simply put, taking the pressure off of being an exact ‘thing’ will make IF fun to play with as part of the game of Food Freedom.  The good news, if really don’t like to eat upon waking up in the morning you don’t have to and you won’t get fat because of it, I promise! 🙂

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