What is Carb Cycling?

Carb cycling is a strategy by which we intentionally alter the carbohydrates we eat each week. Many carb cycling programs alternate between high carb days and low carb days.

Food Freedom is based life, giving you much more flexibility to create a game plan that works for you long term.

Our carb cycle consists of strategic days that include;

  • regular carb days
  • low carb/low cal days
  • regular carb/high cal days
  • and some surprise days to keep the game interesting.

If you can’t live without a donut or a burger and beer, have no fear, we build discretionary calories into the game for those must have moments that will keep you happily playing along!

Why Carb Cycling?

After years of riding that diet rollercoaster, your body may not be responding any longer. In fact, a big reason woman find themselves struggling to lose weight is that after years of this kind of behavior, your metabolism has slowed down so much that you actually need fewer calories. Can you say starving?

A restrictive diet for starters is too hard to maintain, it is also a terribly unhealthy and frustrating way to live.

What does Carb Cycling do?

Eating the Food Freedom way allows you to be satisfied without being deprived. Imagine you are never hungry, even on planned lower calorie days. Eating this way helps to control your hunger, break sugar addictions, reset your metabolism, and your hormones, you will sleep deeper, have more energy, fewer mood swings, and fewer cravings, and your belly fat goes away too.

The game sets your body up to lose fat, especially stubborn fat around the middle, preserve muscle, and improve your overall body composition. In addition to all that, when you add in intermittent fasting, and smarter workouts, you will improve your metabolism and feel your body becoming an effective fat burning machine.

You will look and feel amazing as you master the game of Food Freedom!

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