Stop eating breakfast. Seriously. Tomorrow. Stop eating breakfast.

I know strange coming from me, right? But heres what I learned:

Here’s why…

By allow your body to go into a fasted state, you help you shed body fat. Unless you do, your body will always be burning the available food you just consumed, leaving the fat intact. Thats not what we want!

If you’ve been dieting, eating clean, exercising a lot, and following all of the “rules” but are still holding onto fat, especially around the middle, and if you are feeling low on energy and looking for an afternoon pick me up…then it’s time to switch things up.

Women come to me all the time, disgusted, struggling with commons symptoms of under eating, and over exercising. They are frustrated and tired, and not seeing results. And they’ve heard there is an other way, but they are often skeptical to try it because, well, because they’ve been brainwashed to believe breakfast is the most important meal. This is why Food Freedom for Fat Loss is so incredible. It helps women break past long held beliefs to finally see incredible, sustainable results.

Eating breakfast later in the day is usually met with joy. That 6 mini-meal per day lifestyle roller coaster of frustration becomes a thing of the past.

In order to see real results that go far beyond the scale, you’ve got to do a few simple things.


The Food Freedom for Fat Loss is all about teaching your body to effectively use fat for sustained human energy.  To effectively burn fat, you’ve got to eat enough of the right things, in a time frame that fits your life.  Most women eat way too many carbs, and protein, and not nearly enough fats. The body is good at using carbs / sugar for energy, and with a steady supply it rarely reaches into its fat stores. In Food Freedom,  my clients learn how to eat enough of the right macronutrients, as well as how to effectively use carbs for maximum fat loss. This takes some practice, but once clients learn how to track and cycle effectively, they find this to be one of the simplest, most flexible ways to live. They no longer feel deprived, but continue to see fat loss results. In addition, they are maximizing their non-scale victories as well: better sleep, more energy, feeling in control of their food choices and feeling less discomfort after eating.

Intermittent Fasting (food timing) along with the right amount of carbs allows the body to reach into the fat stores for fuel. During round one of Food Freedom we play with this strategy. You will find your food timing sweet spot, which has many benefits along with weight loss. I wrote a FREE guide to help you better understand why we do this, and how to get started doing this. Grab that here!

Learning about Intermittent Fasting and the flexibility of food timing  is a fun part of the game and how my clients see such incredible results.


Many women avoid exercise because they don’t know how, or because they don’t want to spend hours going to the gym every week, or maybe they’re like me and don’t really like to exercise. The truth is, exercise is important to a healthy over all life, but it doesn’t have to be crazy or time consuming. However, in order to increase your metabolism, you have to build lean muscle. Your metabolism is directly related to the amount of lean muscle you have. There simply is no more effective way to build lean muscle than to lift weights. Lifting weights along with  carb cycling, and intermittent fasting give you the trifecta of incredible results. I put together a program at burning that give you the maximum results in 15 to 20 minutes a day.

Your individual experiment continues as we fine tune the programing until your body has no choice but to reach in to stored fat for fuel.


One of the key factors to lasting weight loss success is maintaining the proper mindset. We play with many things in Food Freedom, and a client favorite is Abra Ca Dabra….. speaking into existence the life you want. Keeping a positive mind set, expanding awareness, and playing with your food are all part of the game strategies we use. We seek progress over perfection, with a spirit of play. You are far more likely to see results when you can step over any miss step and play on. If you are skeptical and closed off to trying new things, then Food Freedom for Fat Loss isn’t for you; and, you will probably not see results in any other program either!


Take great care of yourself by eating foods you like, when you like, and being confident when out with family, friends or coworkers.  By allowing yourself to get enough sleep for your body to restore and refresh itself. By saying yes to certain things, and learning to say no others is a huge part of the game. Allowing certain non negotiables, boundaries, and other life skills are also learned and practiced.


So you see, skipping breakfast is strategy to taking that weight off, but it is only one small component of an overall healthy lifestyle. The thing that so many clients love about the Food Freedom for Fat Loss is that its played like a game, and I lay everything out simply. You won’t feel deprived and miserable. You won’t be a slave to tiny little containers stuffed with food, or hour long workouts every single day. You don’t go it alone.  You won’t have to spend hours researching how to put all of these things together. I’ve already done it for you and KNOW that it works. You are in a safe place to practice, make mistakes, and try again, supported by teammates on the same journey and of course by me your coach.

Women from all walks of life have truly changed their lives as a result of the Food Freedom for Fat Loss.

You could keep spinning your wheels, feeling exhausted and not seeing results.

Or, you could sign up for the next round beginning on Monday Jan. 29th.

You can do the things you’ve always done and get the same results, or you can do something different, and get different results. The power to is in your hands friend!

This will change your life, I guarantee it.


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