I help women Play Life Better!

My clients are wonderful, smart, independent, successful women who find themselves sitting on the sidelines, watching life go by, feeling unsatisfied, frustrated, and longing to get back in the game of life. The problem is they’re overwhelmed and just can’t figure out how to get off the sideline. The women I coach are ready to play life better. You can literally re-invent a new version of your self through play. Play encourages curiosity, creativity, resourcefulness, resilience, self expression, collaboration, exploration, growth, fun.

You can play your way to success!

Many of the challenges my clients experience….

from their weigh to relationships, from careers to money, even beliefs about their own body and abilities, stem from long held, deeply seated ideas about life, that where learned at a young age and somehow became truth.

Some of those things might include your loud, fat, stupid, lazy, ugly. You don’t deserve money, happiness, success. You don’t belong, nobody cares what you think. Sit down, shut up, clean your plate, etc, etc…

The story begins with you and the desire still in you, to do something great in the world. 

The big idea is that you can shift from the old industrial mindset into the connected age of play. Every thing we do in life can be played, making people, places, and things part of our playground. On the playground you can create anything you want, you can play a game, pursue a quest, and become the person you want to be.

What makes you different from other coaches?

What sets me apart is that I played that old, tired, unwinnable game for years, and I was miserable too! I would get excited about ‘changes’ promised if I bought the time management plan, joined the program, read the book, created the tracking system, signed up for the diet. More times than not I would  quit before I even got warmed up. What I never got was inner freedom that pulled me onto the playground and give me permission to create my life, my game, my way!

Thats what you will get when you Play Life Better with me!



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