I struggled to a point of total disgust with myself and also with the diet industry that I so passionately participated in for years. I got to a point where I was ready to quit the fitness industry. I was miserable! The whole thing had gotten insane. I couldn’t stand myself, and the failure I inspired by preaching the diet industry standard. Eat less, and exercise more. That did not work, not as a sustainable life strategy anyway, and it wasn’t something I could do any longer. Not if I wanted to enjoy a happy life.

I was freaking out. I got started in the industry 20 years prior, after a huge personal transformation. but after that first year, I was right back to struggling. You know what I mean, I would blow my diet, eat a bunch of crappy carbs, and talk myself into getting back on it tomorrow, no I mean Monday. I even, and this is hard fro me to say out loud, I even wen to the diet doctor. Dr Quasmann. I can remember covering my head in a big hat, I kept my face down, and buried in a magazine for fear that someone would recognize me. I was so embarrassed, I struggled, and my weight, it was creeping up and up and up.

Was this ever going to end? Was there ever going to be a magic diet? I kept circling back to what had maybe worked once, for a week, maybe. I felt hopeless. Like a fraud, embarrassed to introduce myself a s a personal trainer. My confidence was at an all time low. I spent most of my energy trying to convince my self, and the world that I was ok. I worried what people thought of me. I was out of control and considering stepping out of the industry that I loved.

But what was I going to do? I would need a job. But who would hire me? And I ate to comfort myself. I ate to bury my emotions. As I tried to convince myself that if I could just lose 10 pounds and my pants fit better, maybe I could start to look for a job.

And then I realized something……. I didn’t want a job doing something else. I wanted to be doing exactly what I was doing. I wanted to effect real change. And in order to do that I had to change my own life first. So here I was. Would losing 10 pounds be enough for me to feel successful. 15? I struggled with what success meant. What was that number? Was it even a number? I mean focusing on the number hadn’t been working so well. And thats when it hit me!

I had to stop thinking small. I had to get out of that box. I had to break away from the traditional diet industry that I was brainwashed by. That  number on the scale, that number I starved myself for… that # was never going make me happy, or give me the life I was born to live.  It was focused on the wrong thing, it was created in that box. My life, probably like yours, has very little to do with a number on the scale. Very little.

2 years ago I set out on a new journey. One that has nothing to do with deprivation and will power, and everything to do with FREEDOM. Because you see allowing the number on the scale to dictate my life, my mood, my choices … that was bondage. And thats how Onward to Food Freedom began. Today, my dream is  big! And my mission is to spread the word that there is another way to live. A way that not only fuels your life, gives you energy, clears your mind, settles many of the ‘conditions’ we have like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, hormone imbalances gut issues, adrenal fatigue, poor sleep, and hangry… hangry wont be an issue any more.

Onward to Food Freedom has very little to do with mustering up more will power and everything to do with living your life on your terms, playing the game by your rules, and having zero guilt about the choices you make. and I guarantee when you stop following the big shot diet gurus and trying to fit your likes into their likes you will find that you get the results you have been dying for all these years. How do I know, because thats been my experience. It’s like the vail was lifted, my eyes became open. Now i’m not saying that I woke up 20 pounds lighter, and its easy. No, thats not it. What I am saying is that I had to give up many beliefs, and most importantly I had to give myself enough time…. In other words I had to learn to Trust the Process. And in doing so, my life has become FREE. I stopped eating because of shame, and guilt, and to comfort the disgust I felt in myself. Never again. My weight got to healthy range, a range I am thrilled with. My life is vibrant, energized, healthy, and fun again.

Onward to Food Freedom  is my life, and it is the exact thing I preach, teach and live.

Love you guys,

Live fit, spread joy,

Coach Vera

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