The turkey is carved…. kitchen cleaned, the Christmas season has officially begin! That doesn’t have to mean weight gain. Here are my Top Tips to Avoid the 5 pounds traditionally gained between now and the new year.

1) Know what treats you must have and enjoy without guilt. We all have some deliciousness we look forward to this time of year. Now is not the time to try to avoid, rather approach with the intention of enjoying every bite. Satisfy your heart and soul, eat it slowly…. and be done.

2) Give yourself an early fitness present and START NOW. Waiting until January almost always backfires. Begin now with a goal during December to practice the lifestyle you want. It’s definitely easier to rev up, than to have to start it up after a 6 weeks of over indulging.

3) If the party scene is what trips you up, then adjust your approach by eating  a high protein snack before you go. A simple (deli) turkey sandwich, two hardboiled eggs, or handful of nuts will go a long way to keep you in check, and better able to make good choices.

4) Do a party lap at buffet parties. Talk to people as you assess the food choices. Find the high protein foods, and begin there. Take a small spoon of all the other must try, and only eat it if it is as amazing as you thought. It’s OK to leave food on your plate.

5) Step away from the table, take a deep breathe and check in with yourself. Whats happening right now? Stepping away gives you a second to reconnect with yourself. You don’t have to give in to the hype around the food.

6)  Be aware of, well meaning, food pushers. A simple No thank you should do. Hold you hands up and with a smile say no,no,no I’ve had enough. Or try saying, I’ll come back for that!Merry Christmas!

7) Keep hands occupied. Designate yourself as the picture taker….

8) Don’t wait till Jan. Go into the holiday feeling in control, already practicing a Food Freedom lifestyle.

9) Stay hydrated! This should go without saying, but just in case.

Above all, be thankful!

Vera XO

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