Can you feel your heart beating with the anticipation as you step in and UnLeash your life?

I was so lost for so long, fighting daily to maintain my hope. But I couldn’t escape the old patterns no matter how hard I tried. I would fall right back, and then some.

Much of my energy went to convincing myself and the world around me that I had my shit together. Years of that was taking it’s toll on my mind, my body and my soul.

I had been dieting, believing there was something wrong with me. I was spinning in self-help, diets, and professionals telling me all I had to do was this… I fought for every step forward and then taking the inevitable two steps back. Doing everything that I thought I had to do to be successful.

My confidence was directly tied to the scale. I went on and off every diet known to man, and a few I made up myself. But nothing worked for long, I was defeated, considering quitting, I was at the end.

I had lost my passion. I wasn’t leading from my heart. I was a fraud.

That’s when I began looking at my life differently. I had to give up looking for the magic pill, I moved into personal development, began studying with some amazing people, devoured books, videos, workshops. I came to realize that I was not a flawed individual, rather that I was missing some necessary skills. Skills that have nothing to do with losing weight and everything to do with winning the games of life.

I began to study new ideas and skill that I was never taught before, and as I leveled up and mastered these things my life completely changed. I stopped looking at my life as a failure and realized I am not stupid, or lazy, or unworthy of greatness. I was no longer a victim, I was confident and certain, and inspired. I was no longer on the verge of quitting, rather I invigorated and playing my game with a purpose. I was no longer at the mercy of the world around me, instead I was the designer and creator of the world around me. A world that inspires me to greatness, and it clear that my calling is to help the women I meet, who are living how I used to live- feeling how I used to feel, BECOME who they are meant to be.

Transform your life, with other powerful, fun, connected women UnLeashing their potential, getting their shit together, and bring the spirit of play into their relationships, networks, spirituality, money, technology, physical spaces, body, and their self.

My 8-week virtual course is an extension of my passion, heart, and life. It consists of 8 life-changing ideas that once mastered will change life forever. I was compelled to take these strategies and design a game for women like me to come together to learn, laugh, experiment and Become who we are meant to be in the world.

The fear you feel as you step into the game will become the power that thrills your heart as the spirit of play becomes the drive of life.

I am so excited to share the game with you.



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