On the outside I was badass… looked like I had it all together, but under it all, I struggled terribly, with who am I… I was on the the edge of total defeat, feeling unfulfilled every day, which almost cost me everything. 

After many years I was totally burned out, then came a life changing medical diagnosis, experienced a revelation, everything changed for me.

That’s how it happened… my re-invention.

I took a long intentional pause while my body healed, I had a heart to heart with Jesus. I took back my energy, took back control of my game because I discovered the key to a happy life… is to live fully in the moment. I learned a 5 step process that inspired me to play-with my fear, doubt, guilt and shame, I discovered so many other free incredible ways to live. Now, I am helping so many others do the same.


What led me from the pain and chaos to today is a “reinvention.” The way I had been living was off my game. Waking up each day unenthusiastically….uninspired, spinning wheels, faking joy. The worst part, no one knew my secret because to the outside world, it looked like I had it ALL!  I was a great performer, fooling the world, but unable to fool myself.


I am not alone….  Many women suffer the same syndrome I did… Self loathing, self judgement, lack of self-worth, the imposter syndrome.  I call it the “What the fuck am I doing syndrome” 

You can take back your life, too! If you’re living with any of these experiences, you need to make some changes. It starts begins in a moment….  breathe in, being focused on how you want to feel and what you want, you are capable of new experiences, ideas, having it all and you should!

When you live in gratitude, intentionally, in the present moment, you are living your life aware, and in choice, making you unstoppable. It’s so much easier than you think with my game plan. It starts with your mind, your emotions and your language. That’s where I work with my clients first. You get those three areas playing together on team YOU, you become unstoppable!

You can live this way, too. You can learn how to stop hoping from this to that, bailing on yourself, and touch what truly makes you happy and make your dreams, the big ones, and the small ones, come true.

Life is for joy, all the time. Let me show you the way. 


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