I found that I wasn’t flawed, weak, or stupid, but some of the ideas and beliefs I had adopted along the way  were.

The truth is every single one of us has beliefs that we learned way back. Beliefs that we don’t even realize can be  holding us back from being our very best. Those beliefs are tucked deep down in our body…I call them our Body Beliefs.  Most of the time, those body beliefs came to us at a very young age, when the ability to process through was not even yet developed. We grow up and those body beliefs steer the decisions we make in the present.

The methods I use bring all the experiences you’ve had up to this point in life to the surface and we use them to get you choosing whats best for you in the moment.

“I am flawed how Inner Freedom has changed my life. I never realized how certain memories of the past carried such incredible energy. Releasing that energy changed my life. It is such a freeing experience. I’ve been addressing a steady train of seemingly innocuous limiting beliefs that keep showing up. The skills and methods Vera teaches are powerful. I’ve gotten really good 1) recognizing past ‘sh*t” 2) shifting that energy from life draining to life inspiring!  This program is incredible! I highly recommend Inner Freedom with Vera. Game On Coach! ~Sarah G, Nov. 2017

No matter how long you have been stuck, this program will help you get back in the game today. If you’re like me, you’ve been stuck for far too long…. Let’s cut through the chase to release your inner freedom.  

Inner Freedom applies to everything. Your business, career, community, family, a cause, and your food.

The results you achieve will blow your mind.

In this program you will learn:

  • Why the things you want now in your life creates inner resistance – Every Time!
  • How to quickly identify limiting body beliefs as they come up.
  • Allow the shifting energy and energize your game going forward.

This program is my heart, the transformational techniques changed my life completely. I went from being an ego driven perfectly perfect phony to showing and sharing my true heart with the world.

I am confident that in with my Inner Freedom program you will have breakthroughs in your life that will charge you. Life was never so much fun!

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