We approach Inner Freedom from the perspective that you are not broken or flawed.

You feel better just hearing that, right?

The truth is every single one of the women I have coached has ‘stuff’ in varying degrees that happened in their lives. Much of it from  a very young age, where the ability to process it was not yet developed.  Most of us operate from within our self limiting beliefs, and stay confined to our comfort zone.

We desperately want to do more, play better, live bigger, be fully alive, but the thought of that, creates inner resistance and conflict. Why is that? It happens when the big game you desire to play today requires you to think past long held, deep beliefs running around in the unconscious mind.

After years of self help and trying to work on my self, I continued to spin the same way. I was frustrated, thinking it must be me, I was a failure and fraud.

I thank God that my human spirit never gave up trying, because I eventually began working with a master in Inner Freedom, and my life changed forever. I was introduced to concepts that opened my mind to new possibilities, I did the work, and I’ve never looked back.

The Inner Freedom methods I have become a master at coaching women through are simple and incredibly effective; and completely help you break free from the limiting beliefs that you might not even be aware of in your life. We identify unconscious patterns of resistance that keep you playing small and transform them into inner freedom.

If you’re a realist like me, then this program is for you. We cut through the chase, leave out the fluff and get right to the heart of your BS operating system. You challenge everything, & get crystal clear. We co create your life, design a new game plan, using simple strategies, that once learned will have you achieving sustainable success. As your thoughts and desires align, you move from unconscious to conscious mind, keeping you present and able to chose whats best, for you, in the moment. It is a seriously wonderful, freeing, and fun way to go through life.

My clients walk away feeling fully alive, in the flow of life and playing the game with great joy! The results they achieve blows their minds!

Inner freedom gives you a simple yet comprehensive tool to restore inner freedom quickly; creating a powerful, repeatable cycle for personal growth and great results.

Playing big in life requires you develop the skills of inner freedom.

In this program you will learn:

  • Why the things you want in your life creates inner resistance – Every Time
  • How to quickly identify why the freedom to play bigger is blocked.
  • Techniques for shifting the energy of thoughts, feeling actions, or in some cases inactions to restore your inner freedom and continue moving forward in your game.

This program is my heart, the transformational techniques changed my life completely. I went from living small, and stuck, ego driven, and failing, to being completely free to live my life, winning the games on my terms, and loving my life!

I am confident that will happen for you to when we play together in my Inner Freedom program.

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