YES! I Love my Life, I Love my Body!

Something brought you here because you’re ready to Play Life Bigger!

Vera’s “Play Life” program combined with Food Freedom the game, make this a unique experience that gave me some incredible tools, that I never had before, that not only help me stay in the game, but are transforming me into BECOMING a better all around player in life. Vera, teaches that everything can be played like a game, and food is the playing field. Food and life can not be separated from each other. I never thought of it like that before, and believe it’s because of her unique life as a game approach, Im still playing. Not only have I lost 30 pounds, my entire attitude about food and life is changed. I have never felt this incredible before! I’m All IN.  Game ON!! ~ Julie T since Feb. 2018

You’re ready to Play Life Bigger so lets get on the phone and see if we make a good team together. No stress if we don’t, it’s all part of the game. 

Vera, I want to talk!

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