Thank you so much for your interest in my Food Freedom online training program! This is hands down, the most effective approach you will ever take. You don’t just lose weight, you become better at life and playing with food, no matter where you are, who you’re are with, and what you are feeling.

This program will sell out!

If you feel stuck in the rules of dieting, and feel like you’ve been eating clean and exercising without results, this program is your solution.

If you’ve tried all the products, potions, and powders with few results, this is for you.

If your pattern is to try and avoid, restrict, and deprive yourself, before going right back to the old ways, this program will change that.

My clients recognize the many (obvious and not so obvious) patterns that have contributed to past fails at losing weight, and there are many! We take the focus off food, learn the strategies of carb cycling, intermittent fasting, and put into a practice called IIFYM (If it Fit Your Macros) to make food fun again!

We play with core beliefs, figure out our own truth, and shift the non-conscious mind; your head and heart come together making the game winnable once and for all.

You turn from sugar, and being a sugar burning dieter, to a conscious fat burning eater. 

We figure out what winning the game looks like for you, save room for discretionary calories (can you say donuts), we experiment with your game plan, and you get  sustained success.

My game methods, once learned will have you creating your life, your world, and your food. Results inspire you, becoming a great player keeps you inspired. Your life responds with more energy, sleep better, less gastro, joint, stress issues, stabilized hormones, elevated mood, more clarity, more confidence in any situation, you eat more of the foods you like.

You can’t fail when you play, you can only get better!  I guarantee it!

My passion is to help you transform your body and your life by helping you create a sustainable lifestyle with flare, flexibility, food & fun.. My clients experience incredible life changing results…. with an average of one whole dress size down in just 4 weeks, plus they get off medications, have far more energy, clarity, less anxiety, more confidence in other areas of their life. And more than that, they are loving life and food again.

Read what my clients are saying about Food Freedom.

The summer edition of Food Freedom begins June 11th . You will be added to our private FB team page where you get the game plan, learn the strategies, and huddle back daily to debrief the day. Your game is created based on your experiences, you get better as you play.

The bottom line is this….. If you are breathing, you’re playing. The playing field is the world around you.

What can you expect from this new program?

  • Convenient and fun 6-week program that fits your busy schedule
  • Accountability a supportive friendly group, and FREE access to me to answer your specific questions.
  • Introduction to new frameworks, and ideas that will shift your current game to a winning one.
  • Affordable package option
  • The focus, quality, intensity, and commitment you’d expect from me, a coach with 20+ years of success!

Here’s how it works:

  • The next training program begins every Monday of every month REGISTER TODAY to secure your spot.
  • You will be given the Game Plan Guide
  • You will be expected to move your body for a whopping 15 minute a day or more if you choose!  Written workouts and hyperlinked videos will be offered each week
  • Exercises will be appropriate for all levels with modified options for new players.
  • Players will be required to pay in advance.
  • Players will be required to use MyFitnessPal and post their pie charts daily and check in daily in our private team page.
  • The price for the program is $199.
  • Please register and pay for the training program below.
  • After you register, you will be sent the Food Freedom Game Plan Guide.

The team is limited to 20 players…. 

Vera xoxo

YES, I am ready Win the game of Food Freedom once and for all!!


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    4 replies to "Food Freedom"

    • Lisa orelli

      Can we speak on tge phone I have a lot of questions before I buy this.

      • verakni

        Yes of course…. Lets get the conversation started with email 🙂 vera@veraknightfitness please put questions in the subject. Look forward to connecting.

      • verakni

        Or I can email you, I see your address 🙂

    • Hollie Holguin

      I’m a 46 year old mom of 3 active adhd / other boys who are 8th grade and younger. I am a full time public defender working 40 miles across town. I’m getting re-married this year. And I’ve dieted with hcg with great results but can’t keep it off, and low carbs, but can’t acoid cheating. I work out with cardio and some light weights.

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