Life is for playing not dieting!!

"I learned so much about food and myself. 15 months, and 70 pounds later I am in the best shape I've ever been in! The game just keeps getting better!!! 3 years and counting! Thanks coach, Food Freedom changed my life!" Cathy

Vera's SECRETS of winning the weight loss game

are revealed in the game plan she created that will have you 


for a wildly successful & sustainable weight loss win!

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“This program taught me how to play with the food I like, in such a way, that I am confident I can keep doing it.  It’s a food freedom lifestyle all the time, and not just when I'm being good” ~Sandra R.

Food Freedom 2.0 

If you don't play you can't win!

In this amazing 6 week program you will discover the secret to a happy life is linked directly to Food Freedom!

In 6 weeks you will understand why Food Freedom is NOT another diet!

You will learn:

  • My unique Carb Cycling game plan completely customizable for your lifestyle.
  • Choose foods, that you like, for weight loss, energy or simply the joy of it!
  • Learn  my secret weapon to handle your inner critic, judge, self saboteur....
  • The secret sauce for exercise.
  • What makes you happy and how to stay in play.

You get all this for just $199

Includes: exercise with Vera, weekly Q&A, delicious recipes, challenges, and access to me, because I play too! ...and so much more.

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Food Freedom 2.0 

Because Play changes you!!!




I joined Vera to learn how to eat better. She made it fun. The education I received was exactly what wanted and what I needed. I highly recommend this program!

I love the flexibility of this program. I lost 17 pounds and learned new strategies that freed my life from dieting and so much more.

Carol Johnson
Successful Solutions
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The TRUTH is...

If you are breathing, you are playing!

The QUESTION IS...... Are you winning?



Inner Freedom

Rapid Mindset Shift

Are you following some big motivation gurus in pursuit of living a happier, healthier life, but feel like they're not helping you? Theres a reason why.... they aren't speaking to you about you.

If you have any old ideas, any limiting beliefs when it comes to food, relationships, money, happiness, your ability to make real lasting changes..... THIS IS FOR YOU!

With Inner Freedom old energy is used to it to fuel Rapid Mindset Shift.

Emotions and pain, are replaced with hopeful, inspired new beliefs.

Coach with me privately for Fresh/lively/sharp/purposeful/rapid/fun Mindset Shift.



"This is the first time in my entire life that I have learned strategies like this. Total game changer! This is living!"  ~Sherry

Vera is a master trainer, certified with the American Council on Exercise (1997) a certified Health and Life coach, and creator of Food Freedom! Vera has been leading the way in the fitness community teaching people the secret to sustainable weight is a lifestyle that plays with food. What began as an experiment with a small group of women has turned into a thriving business, helping busy women (of all ages) make Food Freedom life style. Vera is the founder of Food Freedom the Game. She coaches you through a 6 week program, and she plays ALL IN with you.
Vera knows the demands women of all ages face today. It's incredibly challenging juggling home-life , family, work, technology, finances, body and self. She also knows success lies in eating enough to fuel life. She helps women to burn fat, prevent disease and clear brain fog by teaching them to play with their food. Her online programs are accessible too busy women everywhere. Vera's 20+ years of experience gives her the unique ability to communicate effectively for those who are hungry to make a lifestyle change

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