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Over the past twenty years, I have worked with thousands of women just like me. It was crazy how much we had in common. But something was not right. What was not right; we  focusing on more of the same, you know, another diet, We were constantly justifying, rationalizing, and starting over.  The common overarching theme, we got so far, for x amount of time, and them, dam it, we wanted a donut! That donut, would throw us back into a spiral.  It was at the bottom of my own spiral that it hit me. And this is what I know……

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Life is a game, not a “diet”

(I hate diets and dieting and being on a diet).

The truth is no diet, no program, no group, no trainer, will be able to help you win if the foundational rules of the game are built on deprivation, fear, lack, self doubt, shame. Not for the long haul anyway.

My fitness career began after I lost 75 pounds. I was thrilled to join the fitness world. I thought it would be a good way to keep myself on track. And it did, for, the most part. I’ve worked with women who would reach their goals, but the results they worked so hard for, were hard to sustain. I was equally frustrated as my own weight yoyo’d right along with theirs. I was disgusted, I felt stuck, uninspired, and my work became a burden. I felt empty, like fraud, I was stressed. Being a fitness guru began to feel, for lack of better words, shallow and misaligned. My own journey was all over the place. My hearts true desire never seemed to be fulfilled. It beat to simply live fit, spread joy, and inspire others. But the constant diet made that hard. 

A few years ago, I raised my freedom flag of fitness, took out my unicorn magic (can you say bacon), and changed history! It was slow at first, I admit, I was skeptical. But, I was digging this freedom, my energy was off the charts, and the best part, there were no more little colored portion controlled containers, no shakes, no calorie counting, no deprivation. I was excited about life again. That excitement spilled over into everything I did in life. I knew I was on to something here. I never wanted to go back, and I jumped All in to play, play life. Play Life!

What I figured out changed me, and every client I’ve had since! It’s so simple…. life is a game, and everything we do, including food, is part of the game, Food is the foundation. Today……

I’m in the business of helping you CREATE BETTER for your life.

The better you’ve been seeking is connected to your heart.

I fly my flag of truth telling. Im not afraid of it. In fact my clients count on it.

Cut the BS out, let your own unicorn magic loose in your world, and fly your Freedom Flag.


My tribe rocks!


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Read what some of my clients have to say about our time together.

“Coaching with Vera has been one of the best decisions I made for me.  She challenges me to do more and reach further.  She has taught me to see more options and face the obstacles that used to turn me away.  Her honesty, straight-forward manner, and life perspectives have helped guide me through some difficult moments. She even guides me when I’m talking to myself.   If you are looking for a coach who is all in, I highly recommend Vera.”   ~Sam Edwards

“Vera’s method of coaching is both fun and eye opening! She was patient to listen, and offered challenging, relevant and mind expanding conversation. I looked forward to our weekly time together, and appreciated her random check ins. She made me feel special by connecting when I least expected it.  She always responded to my ‘fires’, which by the way, are fewer and further between. Her Big Idea that Everything we do in life can be played like a game, caused me to shift a few rules I had been playing by to rules that have me FREE to win the games on my own terms. I LOVE Coach Vera. I highly recommend her.”   ~Michelle C.

” Vera’s coaching was just what I needed. She gave me just the right amount of push to break through my barriers.My confidence has increased and I am bringing fun, playfulness and joy into life, work, and play. Thank you Vera!”   ~Maggie Zamora

“Vera came into my life at the right time. She helped me see my chaos as tolerations I was allowing in my life. Thanks to Vera’s Toleration Free life program, I was able to take care of all of them at the source. As a result, my life is a Toleration Free Zone, and I am kicking ass!! Vera is a great coach, she has my 100% recommendation.”   ~Tina O

“My last coach was a yes man and never challenge me. I was skeptical to work with Vera at first. But she had this spark of Truth that I was hoping to tap into. She didn’t disappoint either. What she did was allow me the freedom to challenge my own truths, which allowed me to quickly shift my frameworks around some pretty long held beliefs I had about life, work, relationships, and even my body. Her style is refreshing and her method was fun. I love Coach Vera, hiring her was the best thing I’ve done to BECOME a better human!”   ~Sandra L

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