On the outside I was badass… looked like I had it all together, but the past few years I was living on the edge of burnout. It was a painful process. So much of my energy was going to put on a happy, healthy, inspired face, but the truth is I was on the edge of total defeat, feeling unfulfilled… not knowing how to go on, and not knowing how to stop. It wasn’t that everything in my life was desperate, but I stayed in burnout for so long, it almost cost me everything. 

And as life has a way of doing, an unexpected medical diagnosis, caused a revelation, everything changed for me.

That’s how it happened… my re-invention.

I took a long intentional pause while my body healed, I had a much-needed heart to heart with Jesus. Over the next few weeks all the energies stored in my body vibrated… Some vibrated less, some more, and others out, and I was in full discovery mode of what my greatest expression of myself actually looks like. And I can LOVE her, as she is, in all her faults, and glory. 

I discovered the key to a happy life… is to live fully in the moment. I learned 5 steps that inspired me to play with my fear, doubt, guilt, and shame, I discovered so many other free incredible ways to live. Now, I am helping so many others do the same.


What led me from the pain and chaos of waking up each day unenthusiastically….uninspired, spinning, wasting precious time, and faking joy, to today is my process of re-invention.  Nothing was worse than trying to hide my secret from the outside world. I was a great performer though, but the truth is, we really aren’t fooling our own self. 


I am not alone…  Many women suffer the same syndrome I did… Self-loathing, self-judgment, lack of self-worth, the imposter syndrome.  I call it the “What the f@&k am I doing syndrome” 

You can take back your life, too! If you’re living with any of these experiences, hiding, faking life, you need to make some changes. It begins in a moment, with a breath…. breath in, focused on what you are feeling.  You are capable of accessing safety in your body, truth, and all the truth, trust, and wisdom stored inside.  

When you live intentionally, in the present moment, you are living your life aware, and in choice, making you unstoppable. It’s so much easier than you think. It starts connecting your mind, to your heart, to your mouth.  That’s where I work with my clients first. You get those three areas playing together for team YOU, you become unstoppable!

You can live this way, you can do this for yourself!  You can learn how to stop hoping from this to that, bailing on yourself, and touch what truly makes your heart sing. 

Life is for joy, all the time. Let me show you how to find Joy where YOU are! 

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Read what some of my clients have to say about our time together.

“Coaching with Vera has been one of the best decisions I made for me.  She challenges me to do more and reach further.  She has taught me to see more options and face the obstacles that used to turn me away.  Her honesty, straight-forward manner, and life perspectives have helped guide me through some difficult moments. She even guides me when I’m talking to myself.   If you are looking for a coach who is all in, I highly recommend Vera.”   ~Sam Edwards

“Vera’s method of coaching is both fun and eye opening! She was patient to listen, and offered challenging, relevant and mind expanding conversation. I looked forward to our weekly time together, and appreciated her random check ins. She made me feel special by connecting when I least expected it.  She always responded to my ‘fires’, which by the way, are fewer and further between. Her Big Idea that Everything we do in life can be played like a game, caused me to shift a few rules I had been playing by to rules that have me FREE to win the games on my own terms. I LOVE Coach Vera. I highly recommend her.”   ~Michelle C.

” Vera’s coaching was just what I needed. She gave me just the right amount of push to break through my barriers.My confidence has increased and I am bringing fun, playfulness and joy into life, work, and play. Thank you Vera!”   ~Maggie Zamora

“Vera came into my life at the right time. She helped me see my chaos as tolerations I was allowing in my life. Thanks to Vera’s Toleration Free life program, I was able to take care of all of them at the source. As a result, my life is a Toleration Free Zone, and I am kicking ass!! Vera is a great coach, she has my 100% recommendation.”   ~Tina O

“My last coach was a yes man and never challenge me. I was skeptical to work with Vera at first. But she had this spark of Truth that I was hoping to tap into. She didn’t disappoint either. What she did was allow me the freedom to challenge my own truths, which allowed me to quickly shift my frameworks around some pretty long held beliefs I had about life, work, relationships, and even my body. Her style is refreshing and her method was fun. I love Coach Vera, hiring her was the best thing I’ve done to BECOME a better human!”   ~Sandra L

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