The Holiday Season is here. It began last week with Halloween. That means the next 8 weeks will be crazy with holiday parties, family gatherings, and basically FOOD FOOD FOOD!                 holiday-weight-loss                                                                                                                There is nothing wrong with parties, or food for that matter. You need it daily to survive. HOWEVER, you can do without 3 different kinds of pie and stuffing and bread and who-knows-what to enjoy life. Its cool if you choose to eat that stuff, I indulge in it myself. But I never judge myself when I have a piece of pie. I actually it enjoy it, and then I’m done. NO guilt.

Guilty feelings do nothing but make you feel bad. And feeling bad leads you  you do it again, and again. What happens is that guilty thoughts like “why do I bother, I knew I was gonna blow it”,  cause you to sabotage yourself.

Enjoying is ok ~ One day of over indulging is not going to turn you into a cow. Trust me on that. Just as it takes time to lose weight, it also takes time to gain weight. So don’t freak out! And remember, if you’re going to eat it, ENJOY IT! Otherwise whats the point.  Make those calories worth it.

So how do you get past that feeling of “Ugh.. I’m such a loser”

Just keep reminding yourself that one day of over eating will not make you FAT. Tired maybe, bloated…probably, but not fat.

It’s easy to say to you, go ahead enjoy your food. But how do you actually DO it with no guilt? How do you eat the “special’ food you want and NOT freak out?

I would love to help you answer these questions and figure out a plan to going through the 2015 holiday season. Here are a few ideas I have put together.

1- Define what you want: Hint, now isn’t the time to want to lose 20 pounds. Think more about: How you want to feel? How you want to look? Step number one is to define those 2 ideas for yourself. Write down your answers and keep them in a place where you will see them every day. Be aware of these two things, keep them in your mind at all times. Use them when in a situation, ask yourself, if eating “who-knows-what” is going to help you to look and feel the way you want.  

2- Come up with an exercise plan that is reasonable for you. In other words, if going to the gym for class 3x a week does not fit in your schedule right now, don’t make that your goal. It’s unreasonable and you won’t do it. Everyone is different, so there is no cookie cutter answer for this.

The truth is that it doesn’t have to be any big thing. What it DOES need to be is CONSISTENT! Consistent effort over a period of time is what makes the difference.

3- Next thing to tackle is your nutrition plan. To sum it up, get the junk out of your house and figure out how to eat healthy at all the special events you’ll be going to. Face it, you’re not going to be 100% super duper clean eating in most cases. What you want to go for is more than a 70/30 split. 70% of the time you eat healthy foods that fuel your body. 30% of the time you are indulging in whoknowswhat. It’s better of course to work your way to a 90/10 split, but you’ve got to start somewhere! Most people that I’ve come into contact with are 30 healthy/70 unhealthy, and are unaware that they feel so crappy because of their food choices. It’s just what they’re used to- both the food AND feeling terrible.


Now I just summarized it all for you in 3 simple steps. That’s really all there is to it. There are no cookie cutter answers as everyone is different. Find what works best for you. If you’d like a little accountability, and ideas to help you through the holidays, I have a group on FB that is fun, friendly, judgement free, and kicking butt. I’d love for you to join us. Leave your name and email. I will add you.

Your coach,                                                                                             Vera


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