Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard the “eat less, move more”solution to weight control. But if eating less & moving more was a long term solution, then why are we in a state of constant diet failure and more weight gain? This advise is flat out NOT HELPFUL if the goal is truly lifestyle based.

There are a few common beliefs I see with each new group of ladies I work with in my level one Food Freedom program.

One of my favorite recurring conversation, especially in the first few weeks of working with new clients is this:

Client: I can’t eat all this food!
Me: Do your best to EAT all your macros daily!
Client: My doctor, MFP, my friend, said I should only eat 1200 calories a day
Me: OK, then why did you join Food Freedom? You knew this was not a starvation diet.
Client: Right, but I didn’t know I was going to have to eat so much!
Me: Trust the process!! I promise you will get results…

Or this one……

Client: I can eat a whole avocado?
Me: if it fits your macros for the day, you can.
Client: but isn’t that too much fat?
Me: Not if you stay with in the right percentage for the day, avocado fits perfectly, and its so healthy too.
Client: But I gave them up a long time ago, cause they said they are fattening!
Me: Who’s they?? Eat the avocado!! Enjoy it, and Trust the process!!

A truly successful program focuses more on what you can eat and less on what you can’t.

***eating more food in general by eating the right macros (carbs, protein, fats) will help increase metabolism and give you enough energy to last the full day.

***eating more healthy fat to feel full and keep you satisfied and to preserve lean muscle is a must.

***food timing (you don’t have to eat breakfast!) so you are not ferociously hangry in the late afternoon, and reaching for something to give you an artificial boost of energy.

Eating enough of the right macros will help your body produce less insulin. Therefor cravings are gone, energy is up, and you think clearer. Imagine making better decisions all day long.

Im not talking about complicated combinations of food either. My whole program is based on 5 ingredient or less meals.

Keep it simple and work with someone who knows how to win the game!

Play ON, Play ALL IN!
Coach Vera​​​


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      Great blog!! Love you love your program!!

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