What causes the mind to go rouge and do the exact opposite of the thing you want to do? You know, like when you go on a diet and before the day is over you’ve blown it and are left feeling like a failure again. That, what causes that?

Thats your inner game, aka: your subconscious mind/body. It’s job, to protect you. But, protect you from what, doing better in the world? Our past experiences, live in the body, and rule the way you respond to life today. The problem is that those experiences probably have nothing at all to do what you are wanting to do in the here and now. But because they are stored in subconscious mind, they actually rule the choices you are making in the present. Think of it as an inner conflict. In spite of your best intentions to do something, to play bigger, to play better, that powerful subconscious seems to sabotage your efforts every time. And your not even aware of it.

Changing this has nothing to do with mustering up more will power, and muscling your way to success. Seriously, have you been successful, long term, using will power? Probably not.

So how do you make lasting changes?

First things first. The mind has a way of trying to keep you safe. For example, for years my clients would begin a new weight loss program, and ultimately fall right back to doing the same things that got them here in the first place. Thats because most us learned at a young age, that learning something new is scary. What if I fail? Their gonna laugh at me? What if it’s too hard? Those fears are stored in the body, and although we don’t even realize it, it’s those fears that cause us to fail over and over again throughout life.

Next you have to know that the body will give you clues when the subconscious mind is taking over. The problem is you’ve been ignoring the energy of the subconscious for so long, chances are you don’t even feel it. But it’s there. Being willing to tap into it, experience it, and allow it, will give you insight into how powerful it is. Yup, it seems scary right, but seriously, working with me is not so scary, but it is life changing! It’s actually very cool to feel that energy in your body and learn how to use it. Guiding my clients through Inner Freedom is the best part of what I do.

Approaching life from this framework is probably different than what you are used to. Im not going to give you another diet, Im giving you a life changing skill. FYI, I was a little scared when I first started to do this kind of work too. But inner freedom is the catalyst to becoming a great player in every game of life. And thats the ultimate goal to BECOME who you want to become!

The bottom line, the subconscious mind doesn’t want you to be afraid. Thats exactly why it sabotages your best efforts…. It wants to keep you small, and seemingly safe. Food is an easy, legal way to numb you, distract you, comfort you. It doesn’t talk back either, it does the opposite. It convinces you, in the moment anyway, that you shouldn’t feel bad, to go ahead eat ____, you can get back on your diet bandwagon tomorrow. You won’t fail tomorrow, because I, your subconscious, will keep you safe..

My clients break free from that endless loop. My Inner Freedom method will help you feel into the fear that is holding you back from achieving your hearts desires. Its not magic, it’s judgement free awareness. I guess in a way it is magic. Inner Freedom is powerful, and will change your life. You won’t need
will-power to get through life. Inner Freedom leads to Food Freedom, which leads to a healthy, energized, clear life that you live freely and with great joy.

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Live Fit, Spread Joy!

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