Inflammation in the body can reek  havoc and be the cause of weight gain, fatigue, bloating, leaky gut, chronic aches and pains, and many disease can be linked to inflammation. Certain foods, even healthy foods can cause inflammation in the gut.

Acute inflammation caused if the body is injured is a good thing. It’s chronic inflammation that can be very dangerous , as it is suspected to be the root of almost every debilitating, deadly disease you can think of, including some cancers, rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s, gum disease, and many others.

Inflammation causes the body to hold water. This causes the scale to go up, clothes don’t fit, you look puffy, swollen. Maybe your shoes don’t fit, you don’t even recognize your ankles and feet or your face in the mirror.

Another chronic inflammation issue is leaky gut syndrome. When we have inflammation in our digestive tract, the nutrients we need, even if we’re consuming them, don’t get used properly. this causes hormone imbalance. Balanced hormones are needed for weight loss, insulin production, sleep and over all good health.

The thing is the body is a pretty smart machine and can recognize even the tiniest microscopic spec of a foreign object and send inflammation to protect the site for example the swollen site of a paper cut. What you many not know is that our intestinal wall, or gut lining, is incredibly thin and delicate, and chronic irritation from eating foods that the body might not recognize can cause chronic inflammation in our gut lining. Leading to the thinning of the gut lining, and in may cases, weaken it causing permeability, or pinprick style holes, in our intestinal wall. These teeny tiny holes cause big problems.

Foods that go undigested, or that the body identifies as toxins or irritants, foods that we are sensitive to, can cause severe inflammation. And all this is happening in a very sensitive and critical area of our immune system. The digestive tract.

Inflammation in the intestines is a natural response to things it doesn’t recognize, and therefore affects your weight and over all well being. The problem is we often eat these foods for years, and many not even notice the worsening inflammation until the lining of the intestines is so badly broken down that we become very sick as a result.

It’s not only processed foods and food like foods that can cause problems. Many of us are sensitive to natural, whole, unprocessed foods. What I’m saying is that even healthy foods can be a problem for some individuals and be the cause of inflammation in the gut.

Chronic bloating, fatigue, and leaky gut result, and you begin to pack on the pounds even if you are cutting calories, and exercising like crazy.

Not everyone responds to foods in the same way. Before I give you the list of the most common inflammatory foods, let me say that Food Freedom for Fat Loss is a program of flexibility. You are encouraged to experiment and play with your foods and to pay close attention to how your body feels. You don’t just blindly follow a list of foods, you factor in how your own body, how the macros fit, and we give each new food experiment enough time to get a true response. The game plan is very personalized for you.

We start by keeping it simple. Eating from a list of foods that are know to not cause problems for most. Give your gut a chance to heal by eliminating most trigger foods. Begin adding foods back in one at a time and paying extra close attention to how your body receives that food.  You may be able to tolerate it. But my feeling on this is why would you want to. Food Freedom gives you that freedom, but most of my clients find that once they feel better by eliminating a problem food, they have no desire to go back.

The bottom line is this, everyone of us has some food caused inflammation in our digestive tract. Taking into consideration how long it’s been going on, what our current level of health and fitness is and what our commitment is to feeling 100% amazing is, will determine how we play the inflammation elimination game.

Remember its all an experiment. Test foods, and go back and test them again. You can’t do it wrong. Your body will gladly present the positives. Weight loss, better sleep, less joint pain, mental clarity, and your stomach won’t be jacked up. Getting to the point where you feel so good, you wonder why you didnt’ do this years ago. But don’t beat your self up. You are doing it now.

If your ready to ditch chronic inflammation, leaky gut, and hormone imbalance that are preventing you from feeling your best and finally lose the extra weight, REGISTER for Food Freedom and lets get the game started. One on One coaching is also available click here for a FREE no obligation strategy call.

Play ALL IN and Play ON!!




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