Let me tell you a little story. I know this lady, I know her very well. A long time ago she weighed over over 200 pound. She was on the verge of diabetes, blood pressure meds, and an inhaler. She had no energy to play with her kids, she didn’t feel pretty, in fact she felt embarrassed, and disgusted with how she let herself go. One day she had had enough, and decided to do something about it. There were so many confusing and crazy diets available, so she just took matters into her own hands and did her own thing. She lost a lot of weight, and began to help others. But somewhere along the way, she got caught up in the commercial diet industry. She began to try various diets, and found herself, going up and down the scale. Not a lot at first, but with each miracle plan she tried, she would gain a few more pounds. Her clothes were all tight, she was depressed, and she was having to buy a bigger size. Her confidence was again lost. Then one day, a few years ago, she decided to try this new program… The 21 Day Fix.  It to seemed to good to be true, but she got it anyway. It was the 30 minute workouts that had her intrigued, and little colored containers too. After the first 21 days, he felt like she had found the secret. She stayed with it for a couple of years. But then she became curious with carb cycling. So she broke from the fix that had worked so well and she tried carb cycling. And she loved it too. Now this was a problem, which program should she stay with. Which one should do? She was a bit panicked with the choice. Then the DUH moment came. “Why can’t I do both, she thought? And so she set out to blend the best parts of her favorite programs into one plan. She eats more food, she works out smarter, she has great fit friends and she has sustainable results, and best of all, she is the fittest and healthiest of her entire adult life.

You want that too? Jump in the level one carb cycling program. You can still do your your favorite workout program, and eat really  food. It’s the best of both worlds…. beginning on Oct 3. I will help you like I helped the girl in my story and hundreds of others. Oh, and in case you didn’t get that, I am the girl in the story!  Click here

Live Fit, Spread Joy!


Then (1996) Now 2016
Then (1996) Now 2016






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