1. Find your reason for losing weight.

In the beginning the reason may be you have a reunion or vacation or a big event, and thats OK. What ever gets the ball rolling serves the purpose. But eventually, as you get stronger and endorphins kick in, and your getting results, your reason can change. And it can help keep you anchored to your goals, and lifelong fitness dreams. I have personally entered contests that offered money to lose weight and sure, money is motivating, but along the way, as I felt better, my health became the prize. Find your reason, and if you need to, go stand in front of the mirror, turn off the cell, the laptop and TV and just find your reason. Be raw, real and write it down. In some cases your “Why” may make you cry.

2. Set a Goal.
As much as you don’t like the scale, or tape measures, it’s imperative for you to know your starting point. Get a pad or  journal, write down your weight and measurements and ask yourself, what a real measurable goal is. Telling your best friend that you want to look good in a dress is great, but that doesn’t really give you a tracking progress. Name your goal. Is it 20lbs? 30lbs? Pick your number, pick a date, write it down and begin manifesting that goal.

3. Pick your plan.
What do you like to do? Lift weights, ride a bike, run? Find your passion again and if you don’t have one, then start here: Ask yourself what is mostly holding you back from working out. Is it a busy schedule? Is it injuries? Is it time scarcity? Find this answer and then apply it. When you find a workout that works for your schedule and works for your goal and happiness, then you will likely have more success than a plan you don’t like and are just doing it to get through the workout. I like to do a lot of different things, from being outside, to classes, and my favorite is banging out a quick one at home.  If you need helping picking a plan, I can help you with most anything.

4. What are you willing to give up?
In order to get healthy, you will likely need to give up some things. Make a list of all the things that ‘keep you unhealthy’ and reprioritize. Is it junk food around the house that can be removed? Is it friendships that support bad habits? Is it bad time management? What things are sabotaging your goals? Make a list of what you need to change in your daily, weekly, or weekend life; and yes, you may have to let some lunch buddies, or friendships go, for a while. It’s not because you don’t love them, it’s because you love yourself enough to get healthy and you need to get stronger and learn how to say no sometimes.

5. Figure out what got you here and make peace with it.
We all have times in our lives that we gain weight. It may be a new relationship and you kind of let yourself slide. It may be the ending of a relationship and you turned to food or drinks for comfort. It may have been a death, job loss, the birth of a baby, in any case, make peace with what happened and work to turn it around so that you are not continuing on a self-defeating path. Chances are likely, you know how you gained weight and you just need to make peace with it and let it go, so that you can grow.

6. Perfection.
Let go of the perfectionist syndrome. Many people will analyze a program a to death, and try to control the plan, before they even start. Perfectionism is often what keeps you stuck. You paralyze yourself with an overwhelming perfect ‘set up for weight loss’, when all it is, is a perfect set up for failure. Know that there will be days that you nail it, and there will be days that you struggle, but as long as you are making the choices to support your goals each and every day, you are one step closer to that goal. Don’t throw in the towel over one mistake or one pound, get over it and keep moving forward.

7. Find some Fun.
Find a 5K, 10K, a Tough Mudder, a Muddy Buddy.  These are great ways to stay on track.  Shoot for mini goals along the way. All this training can be not only targeting weight loss, but it’s pretty darn exhilarating to cross a finish line. Getting a medal is like getting when you got a ribbon in grade school. Some of us liked the ribbon more; it’s a sign of accomplishment and a tangible pat on the back. And when you shift your focus to a fun sporting event, rather than yourself, you’ll be surprised at ‘how fast’ you lost weight.

8. Find a Support Group.
Yes a weight loss support group! People who take on life change need Coaches, friends, and people in their lives that are on the same path. It’s what keeps you strong when the mind starts working against you. I can’t tell you how many times I have picked up a phone and called a friend walk me off a ledge, and by the time I hung up BOOM, I was hitting my workout hard. Think of it like AA. People there are trying to get healthy and they need support. And being around like minded individuals keeps them strong. Even after doing this for years, I still need and count on my accountability people. That is what support does, it keeps you strong. And, that is what I do, Coach, people like you, who just want to lose weight and keep it off forever.

I hope this helps you become a better player in your fitness game. I have played the game and been up and down the scale, pregnant, injured, depressed, very overweight, in my best fit range for many years now,  our games may be different, but we are all playing to win.

And I hope that this helps you feel okay with where you are and encourages you to maybe take that next step.

Life is a Game, Play to Win!


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