Raving Fans of Food Freedom!

Raving Fans of Food Freedom!

You’re a terrific Coach, Vera. Your ability to say it direct, no rabbit trails, is on point, informative, thought provoking and promotes self awareness is so encouraging and fueled with accountability. I’m not just saying that. Every client you have is “different” and your ability to adapt to each client while staying on point is pretty amazing! I love the group setting and I love you!!

***Teresa C


I will try to put into words how happy I am that I joined in this game. Vera I will never be able to thank you enough for all that you have taught me. You have changed my life. To all that has been in the groups thank you for all the words of wisdom and encouragement. I am a little scared to try it on my own but I know I will continue this game the rest of my life. I also no longer am a slave to the scale. I did go to the doctor and since January I lost 36 pounds and lots and lots of inches. I have gained friendships and knowledge through this game. Thank you again Vera, you rock!

***Cathy P


I am for ever grateful that I met you! I love how you blended these strategies to create the Food Freedom program. Your coaching us through it was amazing. I was so over mini meals, starving and hours in the gym. I can’t thank you enough. You changed my life!
***Landrell C


Joining this program, 6 months ago, was the best thing I ever did. I have never stuck with a program for more than a couple of weeks. Vera’s way of approaching food taught me so much about nutrition, and what I was and wasn’t eating. It clicked for me when she said, “you can’t compartmentalize food out of your life, it has to play together.” Food Freedom Forever! Thank you Vera, you changed my life!
***Peggy G.


I was desperately looking for the magic pill but they all had the same advise. Eat less and exercise more. When I came across Vera’s program it just sounded different. I was shocked the first time she said I had to eat more! I never had a trainer (coach) tell me to eat more! I am so thankful for this incredible program. One of Vera’s focuses after educating us on eating the right foods, at the right time, for the right reason, is to help us break free from the diet mindset. Her coaching is awesome. She knows how to get you thinking differently. I really feel FREE from the diet mindset and can’t say enough good things about Vera and this program. It has truly been life changing.
***Cathy S


Vera’s Carb Cycling program has shown me that I can eat things that I have cut out of my life forever, it seems, because I wanted to lose weight. The program teaches you that you need these foods in your eating program in order to lose weight. My hope was that I would learn the combination of how much to eat versus how much to exercise, as I suspected I was eating too little and working out too much… which was exactly the case. Thanks for all your help and support… and for introducing me to this program.I’m coming up on my year anniversary thank you for your continued support and for helping me tweak a few things.
I loved this program!!
***Bonnie H.


I am so happy to report I not only lost 7 lbs and about 7 inches, but I never started taking the anti-depressants my doc prescribed. Vera encouraged me to focus on my health by eating enough of the right foods, and moving daily. I have since got back to running, and adding weight training. But the biggest difference…. Food. I am not starving myself in an effort to not gain weight. The non-scale victories are the best. My clothes fit, my  mood is improved, I’m sleeping again. Can’t wait to continue on in the next group. Thank you Vera for giving me my life back. Your program is the best thing I ever did.
***Pam G


In 6 weeks, with limited exercise due to a knee injury, I am down 9 lbs, and 7 inches. Thank you Vera for introducing me to the Food Freedom way of life. And thank you team for all the love and support you offed the last 6 weeks. All I can say is WOW!!!!!
***Myrra P


Carb Cycling 101 under the direction of Vera Knight has been an awaking experience!! I always “thought” my diet was “healthy and pretty balanced” and yet I am positively amazed how little I understood about “balance” provided by proper nutrition and purposeful movement & exercise. My first 6 weeks on this program brought so much more than weight and inches lost. I now sleep more deeply, have more energy for the whole day and even dropped my cholesterol by over 20 points! Even though as a participant you are in charge of your own success, the innovative way that Vera has developed the group setting for her clients is fun and engaging! You are never really alone! There is consistent encouragement to embrace the “more than a number on the scale” victories! With her constant feedback via the private social media group , you have a whole team of people sharing the journey. This program works!! It REALLY works!! It’s a win-win for all who commit and “Trust the Process”! Highly recommend!!
***Teri C


This program is extremely flexible and fits easily into daily life. I’m able to make food for myself, as well as my family, with little to no difference which is great so I don’t have to make two meals! After one week, I don’t feel as bloated, and I look forward to some of the workouts- Vera makes them fun and easy to do at home so I don’t have to go to a gym! This program has definitely started to change my thoughts about food and how much/what I should be eating in order to be healthy. Everything I’ve learned in the past is so much different, but this is my favorite program so far! I’m excited for the next five weeks! Food Freedom!!
***Kara H


Vera gives you the tools you need to be successful. She is working along side you to answer questions and puppet you along the way. The group is also very supportive! Best of all this is a lifestyle and can be very manageable. There is a lot of variety in the food choices and you don’t have to eliminate your favorites.
***No name


Week 1 down and I feel confident and excited moving into week 2! I have not wanted for anything on this plan even on fast day and in fact have been challenged to eat more! The workouts are spot on and I can do them at home! The fact that every day can be different and I can plan those days accordingly. Vera is supportive and motivational and her energy is infectious! Love it all!!
***Diane L


This is the first program I’ve stuck to and have lost weight/ inches. (over 30 pounds and still going) I have so much energy and feel great. After being a cancer survivor I know that this program is so healthy and will contribute to my good health! Food Freedom!
Donna F


HOLY. COW! You guys… I’m down 10 lbs!!! And 17.5 inches!!!! Ready for round 2!!

Sara T:


I am down 14.5 lbs. Haven’t checked my measurements yet. But wearing pants I haven’t worn in awhile! Inches are down.

Sandee C.


I am down 7 lbs and 8 inches, Im on to round 2!

Tessa P:


I lost 13.2lbs so far. I haven’t taken measurements yet, but I will. My clothes are big!!

Patty E.



Carb cycling is incredibly interesting. There are no dull “ruts” to fall into, the workouts make sense, and are not burdensome. Not sure how much weight I’ve lost but my clothes look and feel better, so I’m thrilled. One huge plus is that I am sleeping better each night. Yay!!!
This is an educational program that truly heightens your awareness of what’s going into your body. Vera organizes and conducts this program perfectly and I highly recommend it to anyone trying to get healthy and more fit!!

Donna F.


Good morning! I lost 12 lbs during the level 1 carb cycling program with Vera! I am down a total of 50 lbs since I started with the 21 day fix… and added in carb cycling. This is the best group/plan and it works!! Vera you are such an inspiration! Every day I think of you and all of your hard work and all the great advise you offer!!! I never stayed with any plan like this one. You have helped me make it a lifestyle. Food Freedom!! I couldn’t do it without you! Love you

Peggy G.
Some days when I look at my self and don’t see much progress. Today, I SEE great changes. And, the proof is how my clothes fit, even if I don’t think I ‘see it’ in the mirror. Vera has helped me to not judge myself. It was hard, but I really love that we don’t weigh ourselves. Love you Vera Knight 😘 Thank you so much! I lost 2 inches off my waist!!! Another 1 and 1/2 off the hips. Im definitely looking forward to level 2.

Bonnie H.

I lost 4.6 pounds, and 6 inches!!!
Vera’s Carb Cycling program has shown me that I can eat things that I have cut out of my life forever, it seems, because I wanted to lose weight. The program teaches you that you need these foods in your eating program in order to lose weight. My hope was that I would learn the combination of how much to eat versus how much to exercise, as I suspected I was eating too little and working out too much… which was exactly the case. Thanks for all your help and support…and for introducing me to this program.
I loved this program and I can’t wait for FLEX to begin!!!!

Lisa G.
I was worried about the exercises after having a total knee replacement. Vera said she would help me modify, and assured me I could do this. It wasn’t easy, because my heart wanted to do more, but my body said no. We did several skype calls. What I learned is that I don’t have to ever jump to have a great workout! The containers helped my get my food right. I had no idea I was eating so many carbs! All in all, I love this program and Vera’s coaching, and like she says all the time, I am learning to “Trust the Process”

Karen M.
I can’t thank you enough for inviting me to be in your test group. I was skeptical at first. For years I was starving myself. This experience was life changing. Vera teaches how to eat more, and exercise smarter. I can’t believe how I was abusing my body in an effort to be skinny. I love my new look. Even though I have more to go, the changes I see and feel are incredible. Every day I get better at the macros, I’ve never been so satisfied, eaten so much food, and I feel better than ever. This plan is affordable and I am grateful that I found it and you, thank you, thank you for all you do.

Mary D.
When Vera recommended the 21 Day Fix I laughed. I had been on every program including pills and gimmicks.But I liked her so I decided to give it a try. She said it was not a fast fix, but that if I stuck with it I would get results. If it wasn’t for the group Vera led, I probably would have given up. She really helped me understand the principles of eating for healthy life, and the little colored containers really helped me put it all in perspective. I am down 11 pounds, and feel like I am learning how to live a HEALTHY lifestyle, not a one-time lose 20 lbs and stay on a pill…..great program! Thank you Vera!

Brittany D. So, I’m officially one week into my Focus T25. Just about 10 pounds down, food cravings are gone, and I feel pretty energized the whole day. Starting Wednesday, I’m going to be biking to and from work (a little more than a 15 mile round trip). Not only will I save on gas money, I’ll get ripped even faster!

Melissa B. After completing my first week today was the first weigh in and Im happy to report Im down 5.3 pounds!! I feel a lot less bloated, and I think the shakes are cleaning out my insides. I know every week wont be big numbers like this but Im excited for the first!!!!

Sharon G. Just did my stats for my first week and the results blow my mind! Down 6 pounds and already losing inches, especially off my waist! How is everyone else doing?

Jordan S. Nailed speed 1.0 today. Loving the ab definition that’s starting to appear!

Sharon G. Ok, so my fingernails don’t grow long. They split and break. Today I realized my nails are growing and NOT breaking! Hmm. Shakeology, perhaps??

David K. Almost finished with my full second week and people at work are noticing a difference! This is the first tome where I have started a program on my weight-life journey and feel its actually do-able for normal people. Their noticing a change in my size and daily encouragement is extremely motivating! After my first week i lost 13 pounds and am hoping to have another great week. These workouts are short but effective and am feeling the most change because of the Kitchen. Eating and being consciously aware of what I am putting into my body is having a great effect. I was sore after the first week and a half but feel more energy now!

Melissa, I’ve never felt so good. I feel better mentally as well, I don’t know if it makes sense but my brain feels more clear. Maybe cutting out so much sugar and junk food can help your thinking?

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