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Food Freedom, Summer Edition!

Food Freedom, Summer Edition!

Thank you so much for your interest in my Food Freedom online training program! This is hands down, the most effective program you will ever complete. We’re not just getting ready for summer, we are playing to win the game forever!

This program will sell out!

If you’ve been eating clean and exercising without results, this program is your solution. We focus on carb cycling, intermittent fasting (it’s not what you think) and a IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) approach to life. I want to help you Ooze Vibrant Energy All Day Long. I will educate you regarding eating the foods you like best, and give you a simpler more effective exercise program. Your body reeves up becomes a fat burning machine, and you will feel amazing.

My mission is to help you lose weight, create a healthy life, and have vibrant energy to spare! My clients are experiencing incredible results with an average of one whole dress size down in just 4 weeks. In addition to weight loss, my clients are reporting far more energy, less anxiety and greater productivity in other areas of their life. Read what my clients are saying about this new program.

The next round of Food Freedom will start on June 19th. You will be added to a group to learn the meal plan details, workout routine, and pertinent information. The online program includes a focus on  carb cycling, intermittent fasting, IIFYM.

What can you expect from this new program?

  • Convenient 6-week program that fits your busy schedule
  • Accountability a supportive friendly group, and FREE access to me to answer your specific questions.
  • Affordable package option
  • The focus, quality, intensity, and commitment you’d expect from me, a trainer with 20+ years of success!

Here’s how it works:

  • Six week training program starting June 19 th
  • You will be given a grocery list with a list of approved an unapproved foods.
  • Clients will be expected to follow a 5 day per week workout plan that includes written workouts and hyperlinked videos.
  • Exercises will be appropriate for all levels with modified options for beginners.
  • Participants will be required to pay in advance.
  • Participants will be required to log in their food with MyFitnessPal and do daily checkin’s with me via the private FB group.
  • The price for the program is $159.
  • Please register and pay for the training program below.
  • After you register, we will schedule a personal Get to Know Each Other & Strategy call. Payment (in full) is due prior to the start of the program. Please let me know if you have any questions at all!

I will be accepting the first 25 registrants

Vera xoxo

YES, I am ready to make this the healthiest 6 weeks of my life!


If you are a Repeating the program, click here

6 Tips to Burn Fat and Get Lean

6 Tips to Burn Fat and Get Lean

Weight loss is about the food, but food alone will not give you a fit, lean look. That requires losing fat and increasing lean muscle. However, to do both effectively doesn’t have to be tricky. Its a balancing act that requires you to be intentional.

Here are 6 tips that will help you build muscle and burn fat, giving you a toned, fit, and healthy look.

1) Eat the right macros. Macros is just a fancy name for carbs, protein, and fat. Eating enough of the right fuel will provide your body with everything it needs to build muscle. Building calorie burning, energy producing, looking good muscle is the goal.

2) Eat at the right time. That doesn’t mean you have to eat breakfast! In fact it means experimenting with Intermittent Fasting and shortening your feeding window. Imagine having your first meal of the day at 11, 12 or 1 pm!

3). Eat for the right reason.
We focus on fueling your body with enough macros throughout the day (with food that you like) for your workouts and your life, vs obsessing over everything you put in your mouth and not eating enough.

4) Lift heavy weights (for you) to develop lean, calorie burning muscle. In order to build muscle you have to lift heavy enough weights for you. When muscles are working hard, you will burn significant calories during your workout, and your body will continue to burn calories for hours after your workout is over. This kind of muscle building will give you a lean and strong body. To do this effectively you need an intentional workout plan. This will also require that your diet includes enough macros.

5) Engage in just enough Fasted Cardio. When combined with a strategic weight training program, cardio done in the fasted state will require your body to reach into its fat stores to start burning fat for energy. In addition, a well-planned fasted cardio workout will not only burn tons of calories during the workout, but will burn calories up to 48 hours after your workout has finished.

6) Maintain the Right Mindset.
Building lean muscle while burning fat takes time. Staying off the scale, and notice Non-Scale victories. NSV go a long way in keeping you on track. People who stay positive throughout a fitness program have greater long-term success than those who don’t. In addition to staying positive, the simple act of thinking about what you are grateful for has been shown to decrease cortisol levels by 23%. Cortisol levels plays a significant role in the way your body stores and burns fat. An effective program will have a mindset component added to its nutrition and fitness plan.

If you want build lean muscle, get lean, and burn fat these tips will help. For the past several months I have built the very best program out there to help you. I’ve incorporated all of these things into my Food Freedom Fat Loss Program. My clients have gone through the program and have seen truly amazing results. My Food Freedom Fat Loss Program takes ALL of the guess work out. It provides you with the support and programming you need to be successful. Registration is open for my first Food Freedom Fat Loss Program of the year. My next Food Freedom program begins in February, and slots are already filling up. I am so confident in this program and its ability to help you get lean, that I offer a money back guarantee.

To join me, and the hundreds of other women who have seen success through this program, Sign up here.

Vera xo

Let me know if you would like to chat first 🙂

Yes, I'm ready to try it!
Summer Showdown 6 Week Bootcamp

Summer Showdown 6 Week Bootcamp


Thank you so much for your interest in my Summer Showdown 6 week carb cycling and intermittent fasting online training program! This is hands down, the most effective program you will ever complete.

My mission is to help you lose weight, create a sustainable healthy lifestyle, and feel great about accomplishing your goals. My clients are experiencing incredible results with up to 6 lbs lost in one week! In addition to tremendous weight loss, my clients are reporting far more energy, less anxiety, more control over their food choices and mood, and much more!

Read what my clients are saying.

The next round of the carb cycling and intermittent fasting program will start on Monday, August 22. You will be added to a group to learn the meal plan details, workout routine, and pertinent information the week of August 15th. The online program includes a focus on goal setting, carb cycling, intermittent fasting, nutrition education, and 5 days per week of movement.

If you are ready to commit to this 6 week program, register below! Your satisfaction is my guarantee.

The 6 week online training program will start on Monday, August 22, 2016.

What can you expect from this new program?

  • Convenient 6-week program that fits your busy schedule
  • Accountability and a supportive approach that keeps you on track to accomplish your goal
  • Affordable package option that is among the lowest cost option you’ll find
  • The focus, quality, intensity, and commitment you’d expect from me, a trainer with 20+ years of success!
  • FREE access to me to answer your specific questions
  • FREE copy of a cutting edge book

Here’s how it works:

  • Six week training program starting on August 22.
  • You will be given a grocery list with a list of approved an unapproved foods.
  • Clients will be expected to follow a 5 day per week workout plan that includes written workouts and hyperlinked videos.
  • Exercises will be appropriate for all levels with modified options for beginners. The workout will include plyometrics, running drills, and pilates.
  • Participants will be required to pay in advance.
  • Participants will be required to log in their food with MyFitnessPal and do daily checkin’s with me via the private FB group.
  • The Carb Cycling Intermittent Fasting program will be only $159 as a introductory price special.
  • Please register and pay for the training program below. I am only accepting the first 12 ladies who register and several spots have already been filled. After you register, I will send you the health forms, waiver and liability forms. Payment (in full) and all forms are due prior to the start of the program. Please let me know if you have any questions at all!

Register below. I will be accepting the first 12 registrants. Yes, this program is perfect for fitness pros, and health coaches.

Vera X0


Coach Vera’s favorite foods

Coach Vera’s favorite foods

Coach Vera’s easy fool proof Breakfast:

2 Scrambled whole eggs

Lightly wilted spinach

1 pc Ezekiel toast




Spray a small frying pan with non stick cooking spray, heat

scramble 2 eggs with a ounce of water, salt and pepper to taste

add to hot frying pan, cook until done, transfer to dish

in the same hot pot, add baby spinach, remove from heat, toss lightly wilt

transfer to another plate, add eggs to top

serve with toast. (I like my toast dark, and eat it dry)


prep time: 5 minutes

cook time: 5 minutes

calories 210




7 Day Sugar FREE Challenge

7 Day Sugar FREE Challenge

There is no better time than right now to get on track & purge the sugar.

To get access to the FREE plan Click  here

How this 7 day Sugar Free Challenge works.

What you get is a simple menu, shopping list, recipes. You commit to exercise every day for 20 minutes, at home, no equipment necessary, or in the gym if you prefer, and you connect daily in a private FB group.


* Only whole foods (mainly things that were once alive)
• No soda
• No sugar, not even artificial sugar
• No dairy
• No white stuff
• No fried foods
• Small portions (5 mini meals throughout the day)
* Lots of water

There is plenty of food, and when you follow the plan you will get results. Challengers in the past lose an average of 3.5 lbs. Some even more.

I assure you, following the plan will reduce your cravings, kick start your metabolism, and give you confidence.

You can repeat as often as you like. As this is the food/life style that will give you sustainable results.

Register here

Note: If you choose to use Shakeology for the challenge, contact me, or the coach who invited you directly.

Bacon Basil Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes

Bacon Basil Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes

I would never think to combine bacon with sweet potatoes.  I found this recipe on a Paleo website. I don’t follow the Paleo principle. I am much more flexible in my food that that. I personally don’t believe in eliminating whole food groups or think I should never have something again. Having said that, I certainly don’t discriminate either. Paleo has some amazing recipes. And this one… Its going down tonight!!
Bacon Basil Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes
Prep time 15 mins.. Cook time 45 mins.. Total time 1 hour
Serves: 4-6
  • 3 medium sweet potatoes (go for the more round and plump ones)
  • 5-6 strips uncured bacon, diced
  • 1 cup fresh basil leaves
  • 4-5 tablespoon olive oil
  • ¼ cup dry roasted almonds
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • salt and pepper, to taste
  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees.
  2. Using a fork, poke holes everywhere in your sweet potatoes. Place on a baking sheet and cook for around 25-35 minutes or until sweet potatoes are soft to the touch. (you want them cooked all the way through)
  3. While sweet potatoes are cooking, throw you diced bacon in a pan over medium heat and let cook through.
  4. Once the bacon is cooking, add your basil and almonds to a food processor, turn on and slowly add your olive oil. Once combined, add your lemon juice and a bit of salt and pepper to taste.
  5. When your bacon is done cooking, remove from heat but leave in the pan.
  6. After your sweet potatoes are done cooking, let cool for about 5 minutes then cut in half lengthwise and remove the insides, being sure not to tear away the skin. That could get messy.
  7. Place the insides in the pan with the bacon then add your basil pesto to the pan with bacon and sweet potatoes.
  8. Use a fork to mash the sweet potatoes while combining with the pesto and bacon.
  9. Now scoop sweet potato mixture back into the sweet potato skins and top with a bit of salt and pepper.
  10. Place back into the oven and cook for 8-10 minutes or until sweet potatoes have a tiny bit of char to them!
  11. Consume! Boom!
  12. Add the insides of the sweet potatoes directly
Break the rules!

Break the rules!

Getting older is just a number… I am certain I am in much better shape and healthier now then I was in my 20, and 30‘s and 40’s. Look at me and  Tony Horton, both born in ’58! What?? It’s true!!

Are there really rules to follow as you get older?

Getting older is just a number. The idea you hold in your head about age can actually be holding you back from living your life. Who ever decided you should cut your hair after you turn 40? Or that “we all gain weight as we get older” and rules like “its way harder to lose weight after you turn 50! Or you shouldn’t exercise to hard. Ask yourself, why not?

Really, where do these limitations come from and which ones have you allowed to take hold in your mind?

Believe it or not, its these kinds of ‘ideas’ that often run in our subconscious and hold us back from achieving our own personal greatness, at any age.

The Games of Life are yours to play! Fitness, nutrition, weight loss are games, and guess what?? You get to make the rules! Winning is your responsibility. Most people just go through the motions with no real commitment. But you don’t have to play like that any more. You can become a Great Player in the games of life.

Join my team! Surround your self with players who are serious about playing their game. We support each other and we ALL WIN!

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Clean Eating 101

Clean Eating 101

People are always asking me “how do I lose weight and keep it off”. They want to know my “secret” Why do they ask me???… well because I lost a lot of weight (75lbs) and  I have kept it off … It took time, trial and error, persistence, to get to a place where I am confident and can go places and not fear “blowing” my diet. Because it’s not about a diet, it’s about good nutrition, and life-style, free will, and choice. I still keep a food journal, and pay attention, but I’ve learned what I can and can’t do. It has become my lifestyle….I know how to lose weight and keep it off. I know how to keep it real. For the last few years I’ve been working on cleaning up my food. And let me tell you, it’s made a huge difference. I have very few cravings for crap, I feel better than ever, I have more energy, and I feel like I look good too! WOW… who doesn’t want that?? It’s never too late, you’re not to old, and you are worth taking great care of yourself. 

The phrase “clean eating” is being used by everyone. It sounds good, right? So whats the problem, why are you totally confused by what that actually means? I’ll tell you why, because, just like in the diet industry, there is a lot of information, and misinformation out there. 

Don’t worry, Clean Eating is not hard. Even if you’re just considering getting started, you can do it. What I offer you is my own experience, and personal opinion on the matter. I explain ways to easily clean up your diet, so you can improve your health and weight. Sound good? Cool, then keep reading. 

Clean Eating Isn’t a Diet, It’s a way of life. 

It’s not a diet with a bunch of strict rules. There is no food group that is eliminated. Keep in mind that processed, packaged, boxed, and fast foods are not food groups. Clean eating is the opposite of diets like the Paleo Diet, the Atkins Diet, The no carb diets, the Cabbage Soup diet, the Juice Fasting diet, etc.

This is what made sense to me, and for me, and I went from there. I was done with be stressing out, getting confused or frustrated, and I didn’t want to over think every little thing. I just wanted the lifestyle I chose to be simple…. So I set about changing one thing at a time. I really needed this to be simple, and delicious. For me, once I gave up on trying to will power my way to a healthy weight, and I set my self up for eating clean success. Thats when my body changed, my thought process changed, my cravings lessened. I really liked all the energy eating clean was creating in my life. It will become effortless, just not over night. Hang with me, I will help you make simple changes that get results. It’s a process, and it’s only as hard when you resist. I left the diet mentality and bingo…. Here I am, being asked all the time “how do I lose weight and keep it off. Are you ready, I’m going to keep it as simple as possible.  

What Clean Eating Is

Clean eating is about eating foods in their most natural state. This means avoiding processed foods, foods with loads of preservatives, foods with lots of added sugar, and foods with high levels of bad fats (saturated fats/all trans fats). It also means avoiding foods that have been stripped of their nutritional value and then replaced with synthetic chemicals to enrich it back in. 

My definition of clean eating is just that – this is my interpretation.  These are some of the basic guidelines that work for me in my quest to eat as clean as possible.

  • Eat five mini meals a day. Decide the calorie goal for the day and divide by 5. For example. I eat 1500 calories a day.. 5 mini meals at 300 calories each, keeps my body energized and burning calories efficiently all day long.

  • Have a plan for the days food and have that food available. Write it down, be prepared and be flexible. Life happens, and sometimes its not easy, just make the best possible choice.

  • Eat lots of fresh, local, in season fruits and veggies. Visit the farmers market.

  • Eat healthy fats with every meal (nuts, avocados, EVOO, etc.)

  • Drink at least 2 qts of water each day, more when it’s hot. 

  • Eat whole grains, quinoa, brown rice, steel cut oats

  • Bake, steam, saute 

  • Eat things that don’t have a package or label, but if you do, learn to read the label. Check serving size.

  • Clean is just 2 or 3 ingredients. Not a long list of things you can’t pronounce. 

  • Stay clear of anything boxed, processed, or microwavealbe. 

  • Know about portion sizes. 

  • Eat slowly, pay attention to the food, turn off all distractions, phone, tv, computer, games, etc….

  • Be prepared, make food for the week, pack a cooler, have grab and go food readily available.

  • Make 4 days meatless meal days. 

  • Include your family, healthy nutrition is for everyone. Lead by example. Don’t make a big deal of it, just offer it without saying anything…. You know what I mean, “this is healthy and I want to start eating like this, and bla, bla, bla….. Just prepare the food and serve it 🙂


In a nut shell, eat foods as close to there natural state as possible. Cheese sauce, or 1/2 stick of butter over overcooked broccoli or any veggie, is no longer clean.  Lightly steamed broccoli tossed with olive oil fresh minced garlic and lemon is a better option.

A good rule: keep it simple  keep it healthy. 

Choose 80/20 

I like to stress this point; clean eating is a process and when done right is healthy, fun, and not depriving at all. Follow the 80/20 rule. 

You see most diets have you obsessing about food. The very thing you are trying to stay away from becomes your obsession. Been there, done that, and we know. all to well, that that doesn’t work. 

Clean eating is a way of life. Keep it simple, be consistent with your choices, have a plan, and become a food experimentor. Life needs some wiggle room. It’s ok to enjoy a hot dog on Memorial day if you really want it and plan for it. A few bites of cake at your daughters birthday party won’t hurt you either. Thats what keeps it real, and keeps me going. Eating clean is about making the right choices most of the time, and letting it go when and if you choose to have that little indulgence. No stress, no guilt! 

The bottom line is, seek progress not perfection.You will make progress, have success, lose weight and improve your overall health as long as you stay consistent more often than not. Trying to be perfect on a lifestyle journey will only set you up for failure, disappointment, and stress. 

How to Begin?

Begin by actually acknowledging the way you are currently eating. Realize that getting away from nutrient poor, chemical filled, packaged convenience foods will both improve your health and will save you money! Start by adding more local fresh foods and eliminating the other. Fueling your body with healthier options will actually cost less in the long run. Not only on food, but on time spent in the doctors office and on medications too.

Become a label reader. Lots of so called healthy, all natural, low fat or low sugar items are bad for you. Check the ingredient list, and know exactly whats in there. A long list of things you can’t pronounce, hydrogenated fats, trans fats, and corn syrup (which goes by about 50 different names) should be avoided. If it’s labeled low sugar, it most likely has a lot of fat, and vice versa. The food manufactures have lots of liberty. Do your homework. 

When you shop, shop the out side perimeter of the store where you find the produce, and meat sections. The isles are where food/fake food is found. Know which isle has the whole grains like quinoa, rice and oats are down, or shop in a store that has bulk bins for a greater selection. 

Make a point to try something new each month. I had temph for the first time about a year and a half ago. I never even heard of it before then. It turns out to be one of my all time favorite foods. And how many times have you looked at a Kabocha squash and wondered what in the world would I do with that? Remember I said “become an experimentor” Commit to trying a new item more than once. Being open to this new lifestyle goes a long way in trying new things.

You can find many cleaned up recipes for old favorites. Just google it. You will be amazed. 

Lastly, try different cooking methods. Nutrition in certain food like spinach for example is more easily absorbed by the body if it’s been wilted, not raw or cooked to death. Steaming, broiling, baking, sauteing will reduce the amount of oil and will keep your foods nutritional integrity in tact. 

Whats your reason for going clean?

Whats your reason for deciding to eat clean? Many people want to improve their health or reduce their chances of getting certain avoidable health conditions, and diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and certain cancers. Or they want to reduce joint pain, and be able to move and have more energy.

The number one reason people decide to eat clean is because they want to lose weight. I personally believe weight loss happens in the kitchen. Improving the amount of food, and also the quality of food will have the greatest impact on your weight, over all health and level of fitness. Ridding your body of the chemicals found in a lot of the prepackage foods on the store shelf will do wonders to heal you body and support your life. Eliminate poisonous levels of sugar and sugar substitutes. It’s that simple.

The decision to start eating clean is a personal one. I found it to be life changing. You have to do what is best for you. Like I said this is a process. I’ve been learning as I go. There is a lot of info available. Take what you like and leave the rest. Clean eating has changed me. My husband also lost 37 pounds and feels wonderful. He is at about 70% clean right now. Do what works for you. And feel free to contact me with any questions. I am happy to talk Clean eating and exercise with you. 

Are you ready to Take the GO HEALTHY Chalenge