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Work With Me

Nutrition and fitness can be very confusing, a lot of the information is contradictory. I know, because it was for me too, and I’ve been in the fitness industry for 20 years!!  As a no nonsense girl all I really want is the truth. It was getting increasing difficult for me to give the right advise, what with the plethora of  mostly confusing information available. Honestly, I was struggling myself to find the perfect “diet”. It was hard to be an effective coach when I was program hopping right along with my clients. But I was  lucky and had that “a ha moment” which caused me to do some serious soul searching. But the end results have changed my life, and my clients are thriving. At the end of the day, health, fitness, and Food Freedom are the reasons I get up excited every morning. I am a better coach because I lived the chaos of mini meals, restrictions, and deprivation. Let me help you break free…. choose which way we will work together.

Food Freedom the Game... I am passionate about coaching you to play with your food! The old rules about eating less and exercising more in order to lose weight are not the game I coach. In fact, most of my clients are enjoying hundreds more calories per day, they move smarter – not harder, develop strong bodies, they drop bad habits, and unwanted body fat! No more boring chicken, broccoli and brown rice. No more fat free cheese, and 100 calorie snack packs, and no more trying to avoid carbs! We eat egg yolks, enjoy cream in coffee, and even buttered bread if you choose. All with out guilt. I educate you on the top 3 cutting edge strategies, based on science, that cause the body to burn fat, preserve muscle, heal inflammation, gut health and poor sleep, and leave you feeling energized, confident, and successful.

Food Freedom VIP membership…

For the Love of Life… Everyone has things in their life that they would like to change? You work hard, you make some progress, but you always seem to slip back into the old operating system and lose ground. My 5 step method will walk and talk you through strategies that free you, not only in your nutrition, but stress, sleep, relationships, job, and life. For the Love of Life  Coaching will have you approaching the things that fill your days with the spirit of play. Playing is fun. Energy and good things come from our work together through the love of life.



 Private Personal Training in my studio in Tucson Arizona. My studio is a special place to meet for private training, and great conversations that will expedite your progress.


If you are ready to commit or just want a FREE strategy session, use my online calendar to schedule a conversation with me. Or use the form below. My program options are are life changing. My clients are successful.  I will help you BECOME a great player in the games of life! I look forward to helping you love your life.




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