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Work With Me

Food Freedom:

Fitness & Nutrition is the foundation of what we will do together. My clients come to me when they are sick and tired of dieting, starvation, mini meals, and lack of sustainable results. I am a no nonsense girl with a big heart, & lots of patience. I speak basic truths about life, and food, and fitness. My Food Freedom program will educate you on cutting edge strategies of carb cycling, intermittent fasting, and if it fits your macros approaches. You will lose weight, have more energy, more confidence, and more control. You will sleep better, break sugar addictions, eat more food, and learn the proper way to exercise. This program will challenge your current beliefs, and ideas about dieting, food, and life. I guarantee you will have an experience that will change your world and give you sustainable results. For more information or to join my Food Freedom On Line Program click here.

For the Love of Life… Everyone has things in their life that they would like to change? You work hard, you make some progress, but you always slip back into the old operating system and lose ground. My For the Love of Life program will have you approaching your days with the spirit of play instead of work. Life is hard, if your environments are not set up to support you, it is harder. With a few tweaks here and there and an upgraded operating (belief) system you will be playing your days with joy, and success. This program will touch on the foundation for life….fitness and nutrition. From that, all energy and good things come. For more information or to join my For the Love of Life On Line program click here.

Private sessions are also available in Tucson Arizona. My studio is a special place to meet for private training, and great conversations that will expedite your progress.

If you are ready to commit or just want a FREE strategy session, use my online calendar to schedule a conversation with me. Or use the form below. My program options are are life changing. My clients are successful.  I will help you BECOME a great player in the games of life! I look forward to helping you love your life.





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