Food Freedom

Simply put, Food Freedom is a game. It puts you in control of your food, with a game that you design. You know what foods to eat, when to eat them and why to eat them. All foods fit in Food Freedom the Game. You wind up eating more of the foods you like, and feel good about it. The plan is based on carb cycling and on daily 30 minute workouts. You maximize your fat burning abilities, increase your energy levels and win big.

 It truly is a game you will love to play!

 I provide you with guideline for each day of our food cycle. I will explain how to calculate your macros (carbs, fats, protein) and give you suggestions of meals and recipes. You will have flexibility to eat the foods you truly enjoy. 

 Each day the game is a little different. It's never borig, and you are never hungry.

Low Carb Day...

Low Carb days means you consume 50 net grams of carbs. Its simple math :)

Regular Calorie Day 

Regular calorie day means you eat your base calories (When we work together, we determine your base) The macros are broken down to 40% carbs. 30% protein, 30% fat. 

High Cal Day 

High Cal day simply means you eat more than your base calories. I know it seems counter intuitive to do that, but your body thrives when you do. 

Modified Fast Day 

Don't let the word Fast throw you off. I promise a little bit of fasting is a good thing. It allows your body to level off. Intermittent fasting will leave you feeling energized and successf

Low Calorie Day 

Low Calorie Day simply means you eat 25% less than your base calories. Intermittent fasting (it's not what you think) makes Low Cal day a breeze.

Food Freedom allows for flexibility in your week making this a lifestyle that you can live with. Being satisfied control your hunger. Because you are cycling your carbs you will see increased fat loss, increased energy levels, less anxiety and stress over food, and you will become more confident. Food Freedom helps you break free from mini meals, starvation, and frustration. Carb cycling, along with intermittent fasting, IIFYM (If it Fits Your Macros) and effective workouts, will help you truly look and feel your very best.

What does my program investment of $159 include?

• A convenient 6 week program that fits your busy schedule

• A comprehensive guide to help you become a great player

including sample meal plans, a detailed program overview,

and video links to my personal workout program

• Bonus Prep week with trainings to set you up for success

• Accountability and a supportive approach that keeps you on

track to accomplish your goals

• Affordable package option that is among the lowest cost

option you’ll find (only $159 total)