“I remember that pivotal point when my doctor told me I either needed to get it together and change my diet, or I would be put on medication and be labeled a diabetic” Vera


It was April 1, 1996. My husband was turning 40 and I just tipped to scale at 220 pounds.

My 40th birthday was less than two years away!

I felt ashamed.

I was worried my husband was going to leave me.

I was afraid of going out in public for fear I was going to be stereotyped as “Fat,” “Lazy,” or “Stupid.”

I grew up in a fat family.

I used speed, would starve myself, and then binge later.

Like many of you… I’ve tried every diet and fad and nothing was working.

But that day in 1996 was the day I did it!

I made a decision to “Be Fit By 40!”

I got a degree in sports science, lost 50 pounds, and became a certified personal trainer.

I adopted the ‘diet industry “Less food, more exercise” as gospel truth, the gold standard.

And for 18 years, I preached it, as I struggled with maintaining my weight.

I was a “YoYo dieter.” I would gain 5 and lose 3, gain 10 and lose 7, the struggle was real.

And I dug my heels in deeper to the gold standard.


Two years ago…

I was I on the verge of giving up and accept myself as “Fat.”

I found the secret!

I know what you’re thinking…

Another fad diet, but it’s not!

I learned the secrets to burning body fat is to eat more healthy fats!

I experimented with cutting edge strategies based on the latest science and research.

Invited a few of my struggling clients to join me to see if they could get the same results I had.

And they did too…. this new game changed our lives!!

I finally broke free from the “eat less and exercise more’ mentality that created a bad relationship with food.

I realized this new relationship was like a game…

It is a game we are always playing.

I made the decision to “Play All-In” and now my clients are joining our Food Freedom movement and getting great results just like I did.

If you want to get your life back and start feeling better and be more confident, join us for the next 6 week round of Food Freedom. #foodfreedomthegame

I will educate you on all the cutting edge strategies and guarantee your success. Our team is supportive and encourages each other, and you BECOME a GREAT Player in the game. Let’s talk about getting you in the game and living a fully fueled and fit healthy lifestyle!

Talk soon,

Vera is a master trainer, certified with the American Council on Exercise (1997)  and a Carb Cycling/ Ketogenic diet expert! Vera has been leading the way in the fitness community teaching people to live a sustainable healthy lifestyle.  What began as an experiment with a small group of women has turned into a thriving business, helping busy women (of all ages) make carb cycling  simple, doable and delicious. Vera is the founder of Food Freedom the Game. She coaches small groups of ladies through a 7 week program, and continues the connection through an ALL IN approach.

Vera knows the demands women of all ages face today.  It’s incredibly challenging juggling home-life , family and work.  She also knows the power of a the Carb Cycling lifestyle to help women burn fat, prevent disease and clear brain fog. Her online programs and in-person trainings help make this lifestyle more accessible to busy women trying to juggle it all. Vera’s a certified life coach, and 20 years of experience gives her the unique ability to communicate effectively to a room full of women who are hungry to make a lifestyle change.

“helping busy women, of all ages, fuel their bodies with real food, so they can become the happiest, healthiest versions of themselves!” – Vera