This is me

This is me


I eat the yolks, have fries with my burger, and drink beer too.

I tell the truth, I don’t judge, and I’ve been gifted with the gift of grace.

I believe people are doing the very best they can, at any given moment in time.

I also believe  that we can always do better.

I believe that life and everything we do in it is a game and that we can BECOME great players.

I believe that food and fitness are games, and that when we get great at them all the other games in our life get easier to play.

I believe in eating carbs, protein, and fats, and I don’t believe in calorie restriction.

I believe there are to many mixed messages floating around about heath, fitness & nutrition that are complicated, confusing and contradictory.

I believe you can WIN the games of life, and become a GREAT PLAYER.

If your ready to get back in the game, and become great,

you’re in the right spot!

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