My Story

My Story

When people ask me what I do, I give them the short answer:

 I help people live a healthy and fit life.

Then (1996) Now 2016
Then (1996) Now 2016

But the real  truth is: 

I am the chief experimenter & awareness ignitor.  I help my clients in many different ways. The first thing we tackle is breaking free from the limiting diet mentality that grips people, and often dictates how their day and their life goes. Living in world of deprivation, starvation, can’t haves, low energy, poor sleep, bloating, metabolic syndrome, raging hormones, adrenal fatigue, and crazy cardio sessions usually leaves little room for anything else. My clients change in so many ways with energy, confidence and sustainable success at the top of the list. Most of my clients come to me because they want to lose weight. And they do, but they also gain their lives back. What we do is foundational and it spills over into every area of life.  

I have been up and down the scale many times. I understand the frustration that comes with on again off again dieting. I experienced first hand how that effects everything. As a personal trainer I was totally consumed with the whole DIET industry! After working with hundreds of clients I realized that those who succeed let go of the long held beliefs and truly become aware of the energy in everything in their lives. My coaching takes them on a journey of discovery, experimentation and leads to not only food freedom, but a life of freedom.

It all begins with and education  of cutting edge strategies. Carb manipulation, feeding windows and eating the foods they love again. My program is the best program on the market. It is based on science, but my personal experiences, and that of the hundreds of women I’ve worked with, combine to make it prefect for women like me.  

The best part, fitness and nutrition are the foundations of life. What you experience woking together with me spills over into every other area of your life. It all becomes part of your personal success academy. 

After many years of experimenting with every diet and crazy exercise program, I found the solution, and it has nothing to do with limiting your life and everything to do with putting enough into your life. And it begins with food. The right macros, at the right time, for the right reason. I will educate you so you understand why we do what we do. I’m pretty straight forward in my approach. I have a degree, I studied with the some of top fitness gurus, I’m certified with the American Council on  Exercise, and I even studied with one of the leading coaches in the world. All that is the backbone of what I do. But my hearts goal it to Live Fit, & Spread Joy. My plan is to stay healthy and out of the doctors office for as long as possible. I believe the foundation is food and exercise. Once that is figured out, you will have sustainable success, and enough oozing vibrant energy to live life to the fullest. 

I’m a realist. I speak the truth. Im definitely not perfect. I love to experiment with the things that make life life. 

It comes down to this. I live this way, it’s not a job, its my joy, and I love it! It’s the very thing that energizes me. Let me help energize you.


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