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Month: November 2014

All I Want For Christmas is to not gain weight!

All I Want For Christmas is to not gain weight!


Lets be honest… the Holiday season is upon us. For me that means parties, dinners, eggplant parmesan, butter cookies, eggnog, and making everyones favorites…the list is long.

Most of the time people get completely caught up and give up on maintaining any sort of fitness goals during the holidays, or WORSE, they spend the entire holiday season feeling guilty, fat, bad about themselves, and just waiting for the New Year to come so they can start FRESH… Guilt at the expense of ENJOYING the season!

Fads, diets, trends, cleanses, starvation, etc.. NONE of them work. What does work is REAL, SUSTAINABLE solutions, aka: LIFESYLE

Now is not the time to go on a strict diet and try to not eat grandmas pie…. That will only leave you stuffing that desire with a bunch of other crap, until you say screw it. I know, I’ve been there before, and yea, I put ON weight.

I went ON and OFF every “diet” I ever went on. The holidays are part of life. What you need is a Balanced and sustainable solution to YOUR specific situation, needs, goals, desires, etc….

You know exactly what your weaknesses are, where you slip up, and if you’re like me, you know going in to certain situations what is going to happen, even when you try telling yourself, you’re not going to have any of Aunt Sally’s special Christmas cake.

Instead of feeling guilty, beating yourself up, and throwing in the towel, how about we make it work FOR you? What if you could enjoy your holiday parties, holiday treats, a cocktail or 2 (or 3) and STILL stay on track and LOSE weight? Would that be something you’re up for trying?

I’ve been living this lifestyle for years. I do not gain weight over the holidays anymore. I’m going to tell you, and help you do the same! I’ve decided to start a very special small group on December 1st. only about 20 people, very detailed, and very specific to the holiday season.

So don’t put your skinny jeans away for the winter just yet!

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