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Month: April 2012

Top 3 tips to control that middle age spread

Top 3 tips to control that middle age spread

You finally decide that you are going to take control of that middle age spread. You’re going to get on a program, and lose some weight. ‘Deciding’ is actually step number 1. That’s right, making the decision to start is huge. So here you go, you decided…. now what? These next 3 tips will help you get off to a good start and finish strong. It doesn’t matter if you committed to a  3 day, 3 week, or 3 month program. What ever it is, it will be moving you toward a healthier lifestyle, and that is the ultimate goal.. You’ve heard this saying:

“People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan” It’s all in the plan…..

1. Preparation. Take time to prepare your environments to support you…. That means give your kitchen a make over. Get rid of all the junk in the kitchen….What?? Yes, you know the stuff that I’m talking about. You CAN live with out it. No need to keep stuff around that will tempt you, possibly call you late at night. Remove it and replace it with healthy alternatives. Set yourself for success.

2. Preparation. Take time to plan your meals out. This will eliminate opening the fridge to see what you have. That is a dangerous thing to do. I would sometimes eat 2, 3, 400 calories while I was trying to decide what to make. And then I would eat my meal. Plan out the weeks meals and create a grocery list. Take it with you to the store.  Have the right ingredients on hand when you are ready to prepare your meal is huge for success. Buy an extra bag of baby carrots to snack on if you are a nibbler while you cook.

3. Preparation. Be prepared with food that you can grab and go on crazy unexpected hectic days. We all have those days. You will be less likely to drive through MickyD’s or eat a donut from the break room if you have your own food ready to go. It takes a plan to schedule in a time to prepare food for grab and go times. Make a few extra chicken breasts and put in individual baggies. Cut up some veggies and fruit and bag them too in grab and go containers. Make a pot of steal cut oat meal to heat up during the week. Easy stuff that makes a big difference.

I wish you the very best as you prepare for the journey. Know that I am on your side and here to help you get great results.