As a women who’s been there, I understand women that have lost confidence and gained weight during the hectic, sometimes chaotic life of raising a family, having a career, or both. You have placed every one else’s needs before your own for so long. And you’re tired of being losing the game, and serious about  taking care of yourself again, right?

I’m Vera Knight, and I promises to help you play a winnable game of heath and fitness. You want to feel good, look good, have your clothes fit comfortably, and you want to look in the mirror and see an active fit women, the women you know and remember, the women in your dreams. When I began this journey in 1996, I realized if I was going to win I had to set the rules and game up for success. I took all the old ways of doing things that hadn’t ever really worked for more than a minute, and I created a new game that I could win. AMAZING things happened. I lost over 70 pounds, and evolved in a way that allows me to have sustainable success. The game I play is for my self and my family benefits too. I now help others who are serious about winning the weight loss game. It’s fun to play on a winning team. 

Yes, I’m a busy wife, mother, business owner and leader in the weight loss/fitness industry. And I would not change a thing about that!!

Since making the decision to play a new game, I have completely taken back control of all areas of my life. I found my passion, and purpose in life. I believe in being in competition with no one but my self, and I want to be the very best I can be, and live a life of inspiration and passion.  

I offer a unique perspective and help you embrace a culture of health and fitness. I believe more in designing environments so that the do most of the work. Oh don’t get me wrong, you will be plenty involved and active if you want to get results. We are a community of women (and men too) that have transformed, both physically and mentally into a new game of life. Give yourself permission to change the rules! You want to look and  feel amazing, be healthy, with enough energy to fuel your life. Then you have to play a different game. You can’t continue to play by the old rules and expect to start winning. 

“I understand how easy it is to feel stuck, how scary it seems to move  into a new game, there is comfort in the old familiar rules. But if it’s not working and you’re not winning, then you get to decide how serious you are about making changes. Thats where I come in. I do something completely different to help you get past the past and evolve into the person you truly want to become. Join my Academy of Becoming. 

The game is yours to win….

Here’s to a fit finish