Take a second to reflect on WHAT’S STOPPING YOU from starting a program to get healthy and fit? Can it be that you are paralyzed with what to do next ...

Clean Eating 101

People are always asking me “how do I lose weight and keep it off”. They want to know my “secret” Why do they ask me???… well because I lost a ...

My journey

Did you ever stop to think where it all began. When it started: Even as a kid I thought I had to lose weight. As a teenager I was always ...


As a women who’s been there, I understand what it feels like to lose confidence and gain weight during the hectic, sometimes chaotic life of raising a family, having a career, or both. You’ve placed every one else’s needs before your own for so long, and you feel like you’re never gonna win the health, fitness and weight loss game. 

I’m Vera Knight, and I believe you can change the rules and finally win the weight loss game. What does winning look like? Does it mean you feel good, look good, get off some meds, and your clothes fit comfortably? Does it mean when you look in the mirror theres an active fit women looking back at you. When I began this journey in 1996, I had dieted my way up to 220 pounds!! I finally realized I was never going to win the “dieting’ games I had been playing. Those same old rules, restrictions, deprivation, that relied on will power, didn’t work. So I set out to create a game that I could win.  A game that relied more on designing my playing fields and less on will power. Because will power is limited. And the environment always wins, so I better get it on my team.

AMAZING things happened when I began to create my world so that it supported who I wanted to become. I lost over 70 pounds, and I’ve kept it off all these years. The game I play is for myself, and of course, my family benefits too. Are you serious about winning the weight loss game. To win, you have to play a different game. It’s fun to play a game you can win. 

Yes, I’m a busy wife, mother, business owner and leader in the weight loss/fitness industry. And the game (s) I play are always evolving!!

Since making the decision to play a new game, I have completely taken back control of all areas of my life. I found my passion, and purpose in life. I believe in being in competition with no one but my self, and I want to be the very best I can be, and live a life of inspiration and passion.  

I offer a different perspective and help you become a great player and win the weight loss game once and for all. I believe to win the games of life, you have to set the playing fields (the environments) up for success. Oh, don’t get me wrong, It take thought, and work and time, and experiments and trying new things, and you have to be involved, and committed, and having a cheerleader and coach helps to.  

When you surround yourself with people who are successfully winning the game it inspires you to do more. Give yourself permission to change the rules, and embrace the freedom that comes with that. You can learn to delegate your success to your environments. 

Listen, I understand how easy it is to feel stuck, how scary it can be to play a new game. There’s comfort in the old familiar rules. But if it’s not working and you’re not winning, and you are sick of losing the game, then it’s time to play a different game. Thats where I come in. My method works, because you get to decide the rules. You want to win the game and evolve into the person you truly want to become. Then join my Academy of Becoming, and play to win. 

Life is a Game, Play to Win!!